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Friday, March 25, 2011

Finished reading that old book.

Well, I finished reading that old book. You know, the one that I bought at the flea market thinking it was an old western because it had pictures of horsemen on the cover and was called “The Dead Ride Hard”. It was printed in 1926. Although I was wrong about the American old western theme and the only horses in it was when the heroine rode to her parents’ home in a buggy pulled by an old horse, (most of the time, when traveling, she rode in a “motor car”) it was a good read that kept me in suspense. The story line was centered around some very troubled times in Buda-Pest. I will say no more about the contents, just in case any of you decide to read it. One thing I can say about it is that it was different then most books that I have read. But then, I never seem to have the time to read a book anymore. I have read the Bible through many, many times and still read it, but I can not remember the last time I read fiction.

If the Auto Dealer is not too busy this morning, I will take my Jeep Liberty in for service. Preventive maintenance is the secret to a vehicle’s longevity. I usually sit and wait on it, but last time they said it would be quite awhile, so I took the shuttle service home. Wasn’t home for very long and they called to tell me that the shuttle would pick me up soon, that the Jeep was finished. So, I guess this time I will just sit and wait on it, unless they say it will not be ready until the afternoon. I don’t like skipping lunch.

Sorry I didn’t have anything very interesting or exciting to say today. For those of you who took the time to read it, I thank you for stopping by today. You all have a good weekend now, you hear?


  1. Hehe, good weekend. Got it.

    Like you, I to fairly rarely take the time to read fiction. The last time I tried was shortly after I picked up a box set of the Lord of the Rings which was printed in the mid 50's I think. I love the story, and the movies, and listened to it on audio book several times, but never got around to actually reading it more than about the first 50 pages.

    The last book ( series actually ) that really held my attention of the complete "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy). Intelligent, hilarious, and captivation. Try it sometime.

  2. Hey Dizzy, Read what you want and enjoy it.. Don't let nobody tell you what you should and should not read.
    And don't worry bout not posing much, we all have those days. :-)

  3. I don't care much for fiction,but do love a good book,even fiction sometimes,nice little post. Blessings jane

  4. Grant, I saw the movie "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" and it sure was hilariou but never read the book. Weekends mean "take the misses to the flea market" and I like it too, but don't tell her :-)

    Ben, I did enjoy reading it, but have so much other stuff to do and needs to be done that I have a hard time reading my magazines.

    Jane, I do believe that a lot of real, non-fiction things in this universe are so much more weird, crazy, and momentous that fiction is a waste of time. But once in awhile I love it.

  5. Having read at least 3 books a week for the past 40 yrs., I can't imagine going without, I've managed to cram a lot of "useful" info into my skull of mush.
    I figure sitting down and reading a little fiction is better time spent, than watching the boob tube.
    Just pisses me off that I'll not have time enuff, to read all that's out there...

  6. Spud, thanks for stopping by. I read a lot of magazines that cover varied topics. Astronomy and Discover are the two that I read cover to cover first. Love the sciences. Then the gold prospecting one and then the RV magazines I get. I read 7 or more magazines a month. Keep up the reading, it sure does enrich one's life.