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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring time flowers

A week ago, I picked up my camera and took a little walk around my place.  Thought at the time you may like to see some of our spring flowers, but somehow, I got distracted and didn’t get them posted.  Well, today I couldn’t think of subject; then I remembered the pictures I took.  They are not all that great, but for any of my readers up north, it will be a breath of spring time. . .or not.

I tried to get a close up, but the wind was blowing the flowers and blurred the shot, but I am going to show it to you anyway:

Now, how about that sweet smelling Jasmine that grows wild all over my place:

And in a different location:

We can’t forget all the wild berry bushes and vines, like blackberry, dewberry, and raspberry.  The next picture is dewberry, I believe:

And of course we can’t forget the red-bud tree that really brightens the landscape this time of year:

This is by no means all the wild flowers that grow around here this time of year, but just a sample.

Have a good mid-week bog-down.


  1. Jasmine is wonderful and I also love the wild honeysuckle in your area.

  2. Completely Heavenly, Dick. I can't wait 'til spring finally arrives here. We're still in that gloomy between season funk. No more clean white snow, just piles of muddy snow waiting to melt, and then the dirt that is left behind. It's coming, but it isn't here yet.

  3. https://picasaweb.google.com/ernestaa1ik/SpringTimeInSteihnatchee#

    I should also mention the sand gnats that ate me up while I took photos of those purple trees.

  4. It reminds me of my place in the mountains of North Carolina, except for the flat stretch of land in the last photo! Now I'm homesick, because there is no place like spring in the Appalachians.

  5. Frann, I just love the aroma of Jasmine, the Honeysuckle gets a little too strong.

    Grant, I was sitting out on the deck today with just a pair of shorts on. Beautiful day. I do remember the dirty mess when the snow thawed. I liked the pristine white stuff, but the left-overs are not as nice. Remember, I have a 3 call and I lived the first 36 years of my life in Pennsylvania.

    Ernest, your pictures are much nicer than mine. There are a lot of beautiful flowering trees and spring flowers all around here, but I only took pictures at my property and I don’t have any, just the wild stuff.

    Gypsy, no mountains anywhere near here. After I moved to this flat land I kept walking in circles cause my uphill leg was still shorter than the down hill one. Trouble is, I could only go around the mountain in one direction.