Wondering about wild grapes

Friday, March 4, 2011

This seemed funny to me.

I had to stop at the local hardware store and get some PVC pipe fittings and some purple PVC primer and some PVC glue. I broke a pipe to my outside water spigot. It was a stupid act on my account and I did it back late last Fall when I shut the water off and was draining the outside pipes. Now I need it fixed.

Sometimes I see something that makes me laugh. I see the humor in a lot of things, maybe my brain just works different, but on this one my wife agreed with me. When I got back into the Jeep at the hardware store, I noticed this sign:

In case you didn’t notice, the window glass was broken and looked like the corner was cut off. OK, don’t laugh, I don’t care. I thought it was funny. . .

On an old subject, my lawn mower. It sat outside in the open all winter. And the gas in it and in the gas can has to be a year or more old. I brushed off the accumulation of debris, checked the oil level and pulled the starter cord. Can you believe that it started on the first pull? That was the mower that I tore apart last summer. Remember?
Got to get back to work so I can finish up my project figuring out some wind load problems.


  1. On the yard mowing front sounds like you and I are about neck and neck. In my case a new battery cured my slow starting problems with the John Deere. My gas also is a year old and it ran fine this year. Only thing left now is to grease a few places and I'm set. My reason for mowing now is to knock down the dandy lions early so later in the summer they won't be such an issue, that and some blooming low growing purple something.

    DO wear leather shoes while you mowing with that thing!!

  2. That 'Cut Glass' picture is funny!

    I'll bet the store owner doesn't think about what kind of advertising message that sends!

  3. Ben, I don't think I have ever seen Dandylions since I moved to Texas back over 31 years ago. I didn't think that they grew here. Wow, maybe someone Bad Witch put a Dandylion curse on you. :-)

    Ernest, He doesn't think or doesnt care.

  4. Lol,Dizzy,that was funny!I laughed too. Don't know what to say about the lawn mower-have you noticed the price of gas? I heard it went up another 4 cents last night. Don't what people are going to do. Blessings jane

  5. I get dandelions every year in Mom's yard! I just let the yard guys mow 'em down.

    The low growing purple sounds like clover to me! Just a guess without seeing a picture.

    Glad you guys are getting the mowers in working shape. Now you are almost ready to get into that Spring and Summer routine again!

  6. Jane, Price of gas, yep going up fast and I only get 8 mpg in my motor-home. Oh well, it is still cheaper than motels and a little car.

    Hermit, I have yellow flowers but no Dandylions. I do have ant lions, though. Guess I have too many weeds to have Dandylions in my year. Did you ever have Dandylion wine? They say you can make wine out of anything, even old socks, but it would not taste too good. LOL

  7. LOL! I love the sign :-)

    My brother-in-law is a plumber and his house is the last one that he works on...if he ever does.

  8. The Old Geezer, You are right. Just remember, never buy a used car that a mechanic had owned.

  9. Nick, the truth is usually funnier, stranger, and truer than fiction.