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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Explanation of Monster Story.

A couple of days ago in my blog “Wondering about Monsters”, I told a story about getting a package, opening it, and being carried off by a huge flying monster and even posted a picture of the event. I would like to explain what prompted the story. You see, I really did get a box full of monsters and broken eggs (from which they hatched?). Let me explain.

Last year, my only surviving Aunt fell and broke the leg bone part of her hip. They operated on her and reattached the broken bone with screws. A couple of months later, the screws pulled loose and of course the bone separated from the upper hip part.

She has gone through a lot and even came down with pneumonia while in the hospital. (If you want to get sick, go to the hospital) She wants a hip replacement done, but now they tell her that her breathing is not good enough to be put under for the operation.

My wife and I decided to try to keep her spirits up and the only way we knew how to do that was to send her a pretty or humorous (or both) card every day our local post office is open. (I don’t have a mail box at my property, but use a P.O. Box at our local post office)

My Aunt and her daughters that are staying with her to take care of her, really seem to like the cards and look forward to receiving them. In fact, they tell me that my Aunt anxiously awaits the mail delivery and is disappointed if she doesn’t receive a card.

Out of appreciation, they send something to us. The first package we received awhile back had two cute Teddy Bears in it for us. So, the other day when another box arrived, I had no idea what would be in it.

The box was securely taped shut and was marked “Fragile” and had arrows pointing up, so I figured whatever was in that box must be something special. I started to cut the tape with a knife and tilted the box slightly and I heard something rattle around inside. I said to my wife, “Oh no, it must be broken”. Then as I cut a little more, some small thin white pieced fell out. I mentioned to my wife that it is broken and it must be a really delicate ceramic sculpture. I was feeling real bad that whatever was in this box from my Aunt was broken.

I gently continued to open the box and to my surprise I found nest. In the nest there were broken egg shells and a bunch of toy pre-historic monsters better known as dinosaurs.

They got me. They finally retaliated from the time I sent them some rattlesnake eggs. Here is a picture of what I sent to them:

I just couldn’t take that sitting down (grin), so I made up that picture with a scary story to go with it and sent it off to my Aunt and my cousins.

Of course Barney and Ben couldn’t tell which was the monster. . .


  1. was "wondering" about you today, lol. thot i had run u off, sending u those links to youtube vids.

  2. Dizzy,I laughed all the way thru this post! Seems you are being singled out as a monster victim! I don't know about you,but in the future I plan to be careful how I approach opening packages that arrive in the mail,lol Blessings jane

  3. Trouble, I didn't get any links from you. Where did you send them? To my email account?

  4. Jane, I am chased by lots of monsters.

  5. yeah dd, but this is all u do, go to youtube, type TROUBLEnTX in search,,that gets u the pit of em,,with my bros playing with em, me filming, and also, TROUBLEnTX1, best friends. my son's coral snake and the mouse he put in to feed it, lol. he had it for show and tell at school. later turned them both loose.

  6. Thanks TROUBLEnTX, videos are great, enjoyed them.