Wondering about wild grapes

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Wondering about Monsters

Have you ever wondered if there are still monsters roaming the earth today, left over from ancient times or crashed landed from who knows where? Yea, I know, some really bad people are considered monsters and most deserve that title, but I don’t mean extra bad humans.

Have you ever wondered what all really does live out in those desolate swamps? Why, you would be surprised what I have found living in and around my little swamp and I am less than a quarter mile from civilization. Remember my post on the Greater Sirens.

Here is a picture of a siren that I found on the internet:

Not only are there 3 foot long or longer Sirens out there, I have heard some really strange sounds coming from that area. All kinds of yells, screams, growls, grunts, and some sounds I just can’t possibly spell. So nothing would surprise me; yeah, right.

I received this big box the other day. Started to open it and chunks of white fell out. I thought that it must contain a ceramic sculpture and part of it must have been broken during shipment but on closer inspection it looked like pieces of a large egg. I carefully continued opening it and this giant flying creature burst out of the box, grabbed hold of both my hands, crashed through the screen door and started to fly away with me. My wife was quick enough to snap a picture and that may have scared it or maybe it was camera shy, but it dropped me.

 Thanks to my quick thinking wife, I am now safe and sound and able to write this blog. Now, there is something really scary in my swamp.

Oh yes, here is the picture that she took:

Hay, and it ain’t even April 1st. . .

(Don't forget to click on the picture to enlarge it)


  1. Beat me too it Barney!! :-)

    BTW, what'd it taste like?

  2. Useful Monsters

    Years ago, a neighborhood kid liked to come by and see my chickens, but he had a nasty habit of picking up a chunk of coal from the coal pile near the hen house and throwing it as far as he could. He scattered the coal, one piece at a time and littered the yard with it.

    He was about 7 years old at the time.

    I told him a story about a dragon that used to eat little kids and lived in a cave near by.

    One day a brave little boy said to the townspeople, ‘I will be the last boy this dragon eats! I will taunt the dragon and get it to chase me into his cave, then you must dump a big load of coal in the entrance of his cave so he can’t get out and eat any more children.’

    He asked me if that was a true story. I said that I didn’t know for sure, but that dragon has never been seen ever again, and rumor has it that the coal pile in back yard is exactly where the cave was!

    Soon after the telling of this story, I saw this kid in my back yard again near the chicken house, but this time he picked up a piece of coal, one of the many he had picked off the pile and thrown around, and carefully threw it ‘on top of the coal pile!’

    I smiled at him as I looked out the back window! Gotta love it~

  3. Yea Barney and Ben, it is hard to tell.

    Ernest, I liked your story, but what ever happened to the first little boy who ran into the cave?

  4. That is SOME monster, Diz! I think that somewhere back in time there was something that gave rise to a myth. So when it comes to dragons or unicorns, who knows what kind of animal or bird was somehow drawn to look like what we think just live in fairy tales. On the other hand, maybe the people way back found something good to smoke!

  5. Gypsy, I don't drink or smoke so I must just be crazy or Dizzy.

  6. You just never know what lurks in the darkness...especially in the darkness of folk's minds!

    I know what you mean about the strange noises, that's for sure! My dad and grandpa once took my best friend and I on a camping trip with them...and I remember sitting around the camp fire that night, my friend (who had never been camping in the woods before) kept asking "what was that sound?" as we all sat there!

    I'll never forget the way he jumped when an old hoot owl close by started with his noise! Never saw my friend move that fast...EVER!

  7. Dizzy,I hope you appreciate what your wife did for you, that was a close call! Blessings jane

  8. check out my monster story ,,had to do it, at http://troublentx@blogspot.com
    probably be as good a blogger as bb, but what the heck. lolol
    still got a lot of fixing on it,,to do, but,,time time time..got all my busy work,,,(games) to do, u know.

  9. Sixbears, that photo is one of kind, for sure.

    Hermit, I have spent a lot of time in the woods and can usually figure out what the sounds are and mean, but once in a while, I hear one that I don’t recognize.

    Jane, I appreciate everything my wife does for me, especially putting up with me.

    Trouble, I did check out your story and really liked it. I am now one of your followers.

  10. Not wise to open ones mouth that wide, while being clutched by a bird in flight. They tend to poop on takeoff.

  11. Spud, I will remember that next time a flying monster takes off with me. Thanks for the advice.