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Monday, March 28, 2011

Wondering about CSI TV shows.

Those TV shows that seem so popular, you know, the CSI ones. They have the original CSI show supposedly in Vegas, they have CSI Miami, they have CSI New York, and probably one coming to a town close to you. What is your opinion of them?

I enjoy them, but do believe that they are so far from the truth that it is on the comical side, if not just darn right ridiculous. The first thing that is not true to life is that they are the ones who go out and capture the criminal. Yea, right. In real life, the CSI people come to work and run their tests, etc. and then go home. No chasing criminals with guns, no shooting, no fighting, and very little time for field work. Here in Houston, they can’t get all their simple tests done and have to out-source a lot of their lab work.

And what about all the ultra-modern equipment that they have on those shows? And they can do miracles, too. A bad guy can commit a crime wearing a hazard suit and breathing bottled air into a sealed helmet, and they can detect a molecule that is misplaced and just happens to be part of the custom made toothpaste that the perpetrator has especially made for him self.

From what I have heard on the news, our local CSI is under staffed, under paid, doesn’t have the equipment needed, and out-sources a big percentage of its work to private labs. All this and the budget keeps getting cut.

I just wonder what the people who work in the real CSI labs think of those shows. Do you think that they go to their boss and ask why they don’t have all that fancy equipment that looks like it came from star-trek and why they don’t have guns and go chase down criminals so that the real police don’t have to? Do you remember back when the first CSI show started? It was more realistic; they didn’t carry guns and physically chase the bad guys. Then as time went on and more spin-off series appeared, they started to really stretch the truth to get a more shocking story line.

If anybody out there knows what goes on for sure in CSI departments, please correct me if I am wrong. From what I know, in reality, they are extremely hard working people trying to do a good job on a small budget.


  1. Yea, Some of those CSI shows are my favorites, and I agree with your comments about the time involved in running test, epically the DNA

    Why don't you take on the task and contact the Houston PD CSI department and get some real facts about their procedures.
    Just tell them you're doing a research paper on the subject. :-)

  2. I do not believe they will show up if I get murdered! TV is escapism from reality and your popping bubbles! LOL

  3. TV shows are supposed to be REAL? Who knew!!!

  4. Ben, the Houston lab has been in the news in the past for doing sloppy work or none at all. They had a big shake-up and believe changed some personel.

    Fran, I just love to burst bubbles, you can call me the "bubble burster". :-)

    Kris, if you say so. By the way, my wife is into art and crafts and makes similar things to what you do.

  5. Good shows,but stretching the truth in many aspects. Blessings jane

  6. My daughter is a real live gun toten Deputy Sheriff assigned to the CSI detail of a large Department in Calif. ( I know you don't care how they do it in Calif ) They really do a lot of the things you see on TV, however the things you see them do in one hour would take 2 weeks to put in writing. everything done must be documented in writing,so that it can be explained a year or so later in court...But it is fun to watch.

  7. Jane, yes they are good shows.

    River, That is good to know. I suppose different cities do things their own way, depending on budgets.

  8. CSI pretty much said that OJ didn't do it. So why don't anyone else believe it ?

  9. Spud, good question, I will have to think about that for awhile.