Wondering about wild grapes

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wondering about strange weather.

How many different types of weather have you experienced? You know, like hot, cold, dry, humid, rain, lightening storms, snow, sleet, ice, tornadoes, hurricanes, dust storms, and any other you can add. I can say that I have experienced all of the above and probably some I have forgotten about. I have never experienced a tsunami and do not want to. What about you?

I guess living in different parts of the U.S. and also traveling a lot, gave me the chance to be in and witness all kinds of good and bad weather. Just a wondering what all strange weather you all have experienced.

This subject was used because I am going to take a trip up to see Ben and my wife a day ago said that I picked the worst day of the month and maybe the year so far, to go anywhere. Temperatures dropping and storms around the Houston area. Oh well, everyone needs some luck, whether it is good or bad (grin).

Got to go, get the final stuff packed into the RV, eat, get the dogs stuff put in, and get a shower. It will take me about 4 hours or so to get up there after I finally get out of here. Ready or not Ben, here I come.


  1. Waiting for you. I'll muzzle the cats before you get here so they can't hurt your puppies. :-)

    Remember rule no. one on the highway. The shiny side always goes UP! And keep it between the fences.

  2. Have a safe trip DD. As for the weather I think I've been through it all several times except the hurricane, and maybe tsunami. I was at South Padre one time when a large wave came in and washed way up on the short where we were. All the others stopped a good hundred feet away. Maybe that was a mini tsunami?

  3. Never been thru a tsunami or hurricane,but the rest of them yes. Have a good trip and visit,be safe.Blessings jane

  4. Sorry I'm late answering your comments, but didn't have time for the internet the last couple of days.

    You all have been through bad weather and problably a lot more. I remember a white-out with it snowing and blowing so hard you couln't drive nor walk. From now on, when I want to see snow, I will go to it, not visa versa (grin)