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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wondering what my Mom sang to me.

It is Mother’s Day and all of you who are lucky enough to have living mothers, please remember them today.  If nothing else give them a call and tell them how lucky you were to have them as a mom.  Of course, I had the best Mom in the whole wide world.  I sure hope she knew how I felt.  I am sure I didn’t tell her enough and even though she had to be disappointed in me a few times, she always loved me dearly.  When she had to move out of her home, she was too stubborn to move in with me down here in Texas.  She said that she was born in Pennsylvania and she was going to die in Pennsylvania.  So she chose to move into an assisted living home near where she grew up and close to where other relatives lived.  I can understand her decision although I would have preferred that she live with me, I owed her more than I could ever repay.

Did your mother have a “special” song that she sung to you when you were very small?  My mother did and I can still here her singing it to me and I get a tear in my eye.  It is “You Are My Sunshine”.  Do you remember that song?  Have you ever heard it?  It has been around for a long time.  In fact, it was first recorded in 1939.  I don’t know when it was written.  I suppose you could say that was my Mother’s and my song.  Funny what you remember from when you were little.

To all you Moms out there, have a very, very special day and I am sending you a big ole hug.  You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. My sainted Mother sang "Oh Danny Boy" to me, course she changed Danny to Benny,just to make it special for ME!

  2. Dizzy,I called my Mom early.They are going down to work on their little retirement spot. I thank God they are still healthy enough to do this!


  3. Mom's are special in every way! I'm lucky to have mine still here!

    Little things we can do for Mom could just be that special memory we will have for a long time!

    Happy Mother's Day to all!

  4. Mom was not a singer and I inherited her lack of singing ability. She was actually painful to listen to when she tried. (so am I. As a kid they wouldn't let me sing in church.)

    I do miss her and she's been on my mind lately. I came back from my dad's with a bunch of photos I hadn't seen before. That brought out a few memories.

    Have a good one Dizzy.

  5. Don't remember any songs, but she could sure make up good stories. Should have written children's books.

  6. Ben, It is great what Mom's do to love and please their kids. Now every time I hear Danny Boy I will think of you.

    China, yes be thankful. I lost my dad a long time ago and my mom about 10 years ago.

    HJ, it is so great that you take care of your Mom and that she lives next door to you. I know it can seem like a burden at times but well worth it. You are a good son.

    6bears, old photos give you insights into your parents lives. They can make you laugh and then make you cry.

    I hope you at least sing in the shower. Never give up singing just because somebody doesn't like it (or everybody as the case may be - grin)

    Trouble, Stories are good. Since I was the oldest male cousin in our families, I would sit on my grandma's porch swing at night telling scary stories to my younger cousins. They still remember that till this day.

  7. Nice post...I too wish my mom would move in with us but she is not ready yet....we shall see how it goes. My mom really didn't sing to us but I did to my niece and that was my song "You are my sunshine" and she is to this day...p.s....I'm just not posting right now...just reading...