Wondering about wild grapes

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Just wondering what to write about.

I woke up this morning with nothing much on my mind.  It is the weekend so we will be heading out to the flea market again to get our “outing” and a little “exercise” walking around all the outside tables.  Of course, you have heard about the flea market before.  And I have talked enough about my new mower and trying to find a shed or building that it will fit in.  Being 70 inches wide at the widest point makes it hard to find a shed that has a wide enough door opening.  Hope I don’t have to go to a garage door type.  I will probably end up building one to my own design.

In the fear of boring you any longer, I will just cut this short for today.  So, you all have a great weekend, you hear?


  1. Shoot, just throw you together a simple building of your design to house the mower/tractor. It don't have to pass state inspection, just be rain proof and hide the mower from prying eyes.


  2. You've caught that "boring" disease too, huh?
    I never find YOU boring, just what i write most of the time.

  3. Now you need to teach the wife how to operate the mower just in case your out fishing when the lawns need mowing.

  4. Now if'n that was my mower, I would be design'n a ramp up to "da porch". Sit on that brand spank'n new John Deere sip'n up a cup every morn'n.....yeah, that what I would do.

  5. Ben, yep I will design something simple to build. Did that back about 25 or 30 year ago and it is still standing and in good shape. Of course it is stuffed full and only has a four foot wide door. It is plenty big enough to hold "big John" but will make another one. I build them like a house so they last. I guess at my age I don't have to do that any more (grin).

    Trouble, thank you, but believe it or not, I have been known to be boring.

    Riverhauler, exactly what I am planning.

    BB, now that sounds like a good idea. My porch steps are plenty wide enough and not steep, so the ramp could lay on them.

  6. Sounds like a good future project is in the making!

    Just be careful with all that planning, or else you might create a monster!

  7. HJ, you are correct. Don't know if I want a floor or not. Designing it so I can go either way.

  8. see anything good at the flea market?

  9. Jill, always. Remember the real bugs encased in clear resin that glows in the dark that both my wife and I got last week? Well she got more of them yesterday and we will be going again today. It is an outing for us old people.