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Friday, May 25, 2012

Wondering what if…

“What if?”  Now that is probably the biggest question in the whole world.  If you dwell on the multitude of answers to this simple but complex question, it will blow your mind.  For example, you may ask yourself “what if I hadn’t have done this or that?” or “what if I would have done this or that?” or “what if this had happened instead of that?”  I mean the options are endless as are all the “what if” questions.  What if I had not met that person, what if I had been born at a different time or a different place, what if I were born a different race or sex, etc.

Now tell me, what are some of the “what ifs” that you ask yourself the most?  Have you ever just missed being in an accident and said, “what if I had been going a little bit faster, would it have been me in that wreck?”  For such a little question it suggests a lot of different answers.

Dang, what if I didn’t write this blog today or what if I never started blogging?  OK, don’t get me started, but let me know some of your weirdest or strangest or most common “what ifs”.  Now, what if you have a great day today. . .


  1. The odds of me having turned out the way I did are pretty high. Really notice it when I meet up with people I went to high school with.

  2. Too many what if's. What it I'd made it into the Air Force? What if I hadn't danced with that one Lady one night? What if I'd taken the Brinks job instead of Xerox one? What if I hadn't read your blog this morning?

  3. One of my most impressive "ifs" was,,when i was driving 36 miles 1 way to work, 5 days a week, and getting behind this little ol guy going 45. Not many passing zones, 2 lane hwy. I would be in almost a road rage,,til one day,,it hit me. What IF i hadn't been slowed down like that? Was this God's way of protecting me from something? Made a huge impression on me, and i've never been that way since.

  4. Just read back and i don't know about the melons. I do know those i buy on the square come from the Valley. YUMMMM I will watch for those Hempsteds tho.

  5. Sixbears, what if you had taken a different route? I believe what people choose to do will usually direct them to the same place they were heading. But, what if???

    Ben, well I am glad you read my blog and commented. I would have missed you if you hadn't.

    Trouble, the problem is we will never know where it would have lead if we did do the "what if" thing.

    Watermelons are not real high on my favorite list, but I do enjoy some now and then. They are good for you, they tell me.

  6. Nearly everyday now it seems I ask the "what if" questions.

    Can't really imagine how things could be any different!

  7. HJ, the "what if?" is one of the worlds biggest unanswered questions. I sometimes use that statement with a little twist. I say why the heck did I do that?

  8. Hey Dizzy..I'm just a lurker of everyone's blogs..I enjoy reading all of you, I've got one for you, I think it's what you were asking. I was leaving Nason Creek C.G. in Wa.
    I stopped to talk to the host, spent 4-5 min.then I left heading South on HW 97..Four min earlier a car had crossed the centerline and hit a Southbound vehicle...They all ended up in the river. I don't remember how many died but it couldn't have been pleasant for anyone...So, it could have been me..If cats really have nine lives, I'm sumthing else..I'm on about #14 so far..Plane hit by lightning..plane almost landed in a Fred Meyer parking lot..The list goes on, just hit 63 so hey what the heck, I'll just keep on..keeping on...
    Enjoy the holiday and keep on posting.

  9. Anon, there has been many things like that happened to me and I am sure to most folks, especially the ones who go out and enjoy life. I am 69 and trying hard to keep on keeping on. Thanks for the comment.

  10. How 's that saying go, if "Ifs and Buts were apples and nuts oh what a Christmas we will have ". There are way too many if's for this tired old brain to count, but what if I do it anyway, I guess the big one is what if I hadn't had such a great mom and dad. That would have changed everything

  11. Sometimes I wonder "what if" I had been raised in regular home with parents like other kids had. Being with different families and then on my own at age 15 made me too self sufficient, which isn't good for a gal. I know it made a big difference in my life.
    Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny, TX