Wondering about wild grapes

Friday, May 18, 2012

Wondering how it will mow.

Of course I tried out the new lawn cutting tractor yesterday and as I promised in yesterday’s blog, I will show some pictures today.  These first two pictures are of the mower sitting beside the side of my porch where it spent the night last night:

The next pictures were taken by my wife of me trying it out for the first time.  This first one is a close-up of me getting ready to cut the front lot.

These next two pictures are of me cutting the front lot.  They give you an idea of the size.  It took only a few minutes to cut it versus the almost an hour it would take pushing my rotary mower.  To say I like it is an under-statement.

See, in the last picture I am way down at the other end near the road.   Actually, next time I cut it, I will slow down some.  Think I went over it way too fast, but it cut it real good.

This gives you a quick over-view of my new toy.  Now, I got to find a building to put it in.  Went looking yesterday and dang, they can be quite expensive.  Some were a lot more than I paid for the mower and believe me, it wasn’t cheap.  So, you all have a great Friday now, you hear?


  1. It makes me glad I've left most of my land wild. I can mow my lawn with an electric lawn mower and a 100 foot extension cord.

  2. Mowing, yard work, house painting etc Oh what foolishness we bring on ourselves. No wonder I like the full time rv life so much.

  3. Good Grief!!! I looked at that thing on the JD Website. Do they offer a 3 day training school at the factory?

    I never did figer out what the two pedals side by side are for?

    Go have a sear belt installed and get ya crash helmet for that thing.

  4. Sixbears, almost ninety percent of my place is natural. The wild life love it.

    Barney, go ahead and rub it in.

    Ben, on the right side there are three pedals, one is to go forward, one is to go backwards, and one is the brake. It is hydrostatic drive. The pedal on the left is the mower lift pedal. Actually it has an ejection seat with a parachute (grin).

  5. All ya need now is a machine gun mounted on the thing somewhere...just in case of a swamp creature attack while you are mowing!

    I'd say that the mower is really nice! No more excuses for not mowing! Bet the boy can't wait to mow for ya again!

    Looking good, buddy!

  6. HJ, now you are talking. Guess I would need to paint it a camo color then. Heck, maybe I will just leave it alone. Was out this afternoon looking for a shed for it, with no success.