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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wondering why not…

Yesterday I talked some about the phrase “what if” so today I think I should mention another phrase that is used a lot, “Why not?”  I guess one could say “what if I do this or that, what will happen” and then say “oh why not” and then go ahead with whatever it is.  Both of these phrases cover a lot territory.  The anonymous commenter on yesterday’s blog told about a four minute delay (talking to the camp host) that saved his life showing just how much the “what if” phrase could mean.  In his case, “why not” just head out without stopping for a quick chat would have been fatal.

Of course in a lot of cases we should go ahead with the “why not” so that we can take advantage of some good situations.  Knowing when to do so or not is the trick and if you know the answer to the trick, please let me know.

OK, what if I stop writing a blog; will I have more time for other things?  Oh why not just keep writing one every day or so, if I quit, I would miss doing it and would surely miss all the great people who comment on my blog.  So why not post a comment and let me know what you think. . . . or not.  Hey, now there is another phrase to think about: “or not”.  No, I have been thinking too much lately and that may not be good for an old fart like me.  Now there is a phrase I wonder about, I may be old but I don’t fart. . . . well not much.  Hey, you all have a great day now, you hear?  Don’t say what if, just say why not and get it done.


  1. Freedom is doing what you want when you want. Writing a blog does not come with conditions. I guess it would if you were selling something but I see you are not. I do not think that writing a blog is competitive.
    Personally I use it to vent brain farts.
    Why not?

  2. WE all know what Old Fart means.
    BUT an online search didn't turn up what I expected.

    "An old guy that is just not right
    "Peter turned the age of an old fart officially on Nov 22nd but, had been practicing for quite some time."

    "Tribal elder. A title self-assumed with remarkable frequency by (especially) Usenetters who have been programming for more than about 25 years; often appears in sig blocks attached to Jargon File contributions of great archaeological significance. This is a term of insult in the second or third person but one of pride in first person. "

    old fart definition

    The word you've entered isn't in the dictionary. Click on a spelling suggestion below or try again using the search bar above.

  3. Once again, sounds like a term that I use quite a bit!

    Guess we all pretty much speak the same language, huh?

  4. OOO DD, sometimes i DO wonder about you...lolololo, but, in a good way.

  5. Sometimes a man just has to jump in with both feet. It's knowing when it's one of those times that's the rub.

  6. Oldfool, I don't know exactly why I like writing a blog. I guess the comments from my readers are informative or funny or both. There are a lot of great people out there in blogger land. So why not?

    Ben, I am an old fart and I don't care who calls me that. It is a title that has taken me almost 70 years to achieve.

    Hermit, some of us do speak the same language, but some don't. I have lived in four different states and they all have their own words they use that no one else uses.

    Trouble, well I am glad that you wonder in a "good" way, wouldn't want it the opposite.

    Sixbears, yep, but what if I jump with out looking? Or what if. . . . .