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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Wondering about “High-Tops”.

I come from a long line of “outdoor” people.  They loved nothing more than to be off in the mountains or the deep woods.  When growing up, since my Grandfather was an engineer on the Pennsylvania Rail Road, my Mother’s family all had passes on the R.R.  My Mom even road the train to school and back and sometimes she would leave school alone or with her sister or brothers and ride the train the whole way to the mountains where they had a camp.  After departing the train, they had to hike up to the top of a mountain to where the camp was located.  I believe I talked about this before on one of my older blogs.  I just wanted to give you a little background for today’s subject, high-top boots.

Those mountains they hiked in were full of rattle snakes and they had a rule that whenever out hiking, they were to wear their “high-tops”.  These boots came up to just under the knee and where lace up, so they fit rather snugly.  I am sure they gave some protection, but I would think that it was more to ease their mind.  An extra large rattle snake could possibly penetrate the thick leather, but maybe most, if not all, could not.  Here is a picture of my Mother (on left) with her sister who everyone called “Pet” (on the right of the picture on my Mom’s left).

This was taken on one of their hikes in the Appalachian Mountains of north central Pennsylvania.  That is probably Mix Run and it would be near the small town of Driftwood.  Let me zoom in a little and so you can see how they are dressed:

Still can’t see the boots?  How about this:

They sure did know how to have a good time.  Now you know why I love nature and getting out “in the woods” so much.  It is in my blood.  Now, you all go out this holiday weekend and take a walk and enjoy nature, you hear?


  1. Your mom was a nice looking lady. Love those boots!!!

  2. Thanks for the pictures and the story. When I was a kid (13 yr old? ) I begged, pleaded did everything I could think of for a pair of "Paratrooper boots" Looked very similar to what your Mom and Sister are wearing. Even had a place on the side near the top to snap your Barlow Pocket Knife in..

  3. Great story, DD. And beautiful country.

  4. Guess you came by it honestly.

    I wouldn't mind having a good pair of boots like that!

    Thanks for sharing, my friend!

  5. Sharon, thanks for the compliment. When I was a kid, I could fit into those boots but out grew them very fast. My Mom had small feet.

    Ben, when I was a kid I had a pair of black boots with a buckle on the sides. They were the thing back in the 1950's.

    Trouble, the country in that part of Pennsylvania is very pretty and wild and still is. You wouldn't believe all the stories they could tell.

    Hermit, yes, me too. I did come by it honestly from both side of the family. I am he happiest the further into the woods I can get.

  6. When my youngest daughter was in High School, I let her wear a big pair of boots like that. The style at the time was these high platform shoes but my daughter was rebel.

    People gave me some grief about letting my daughter wear those boots, but I felt that at least her feet were protected. plenty of kids broke their ankles fallinf off those platform shoes.

  7. Sixbears, to each their own. I believe that the style one wears is their own personal choice. You have met me, who am I to criticize what people wear or look like.

  8. I wear boots similar to those when hunting or hiking here in Florida. Gives piece of mind that's fer sure. We got itty bitty rattlers, and monsters too ! Not to mention protection from them cutters on hogs...

  9. Dang Spud, I didn't know that they still make them. Do they still call them "High Tops" or do they have some new name for them? I wore WW2 Army leggings when I was younger for some protection. Kept my ankles from getting scratched up by thorns and needles.