Wondering about wild grapes

Friday, May 11, 2012

Wondering when I am going to catch up on sleep.

The storm that did all the damage in the Austin area moved through here last night.  I think Houston got more rain than we did up here in Cut and Shoot.  We needed rain, but why do the thunder storms have to come through in the middle of the night?  My oldest female dog is deathly afraid of anything that goes bang or boom and of course she gets uncontrollable shakes.  She woke me up long before I could hear the thunder but I did see flashes of lightning.  This was just a little after 02:00 this morning.  It hit here hard with some wind but the rain and lightning was intense.  It came down in bucket fulls.  The deluge only lasted about ten or fifteen minutes but for the next hour we got light to moderate steady rain.  All in all, it was good for this area.

I hope that no one was harmed anywhere and that damage was minimal.  West of here seemed to get hit the hardest.  Need to check my blog list to see how the rest of you in Texas and Louisiana made out.  Hope all is well with all of you and yours.

Nothing much planned for today.  Glad I got the dog’s yard mowed yesterday.  Need to cut more, but the dogs tell me theirs is the most important, and I agree.  I hate to, but I guess I will look over my “to do” list or just continue with cleaning out my office.  I am getting lazy in my old age, of course my wife says I should be good at being lazy now since I have had enough practice over the years.  Actually, I never heard her say that out loud, but I know what she is thinking it (grin).  OK, going to do something but maybe read some blogs first.  Then check my email.  Heck, by then it will be lunch time.  Now that’s a plan and I am going to stick to it. . .
You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Glad you didn't have nothing but the above. We didn't either. Lots and lots of rain,,,yeaaaaa.

  2. Glad you didn't get washed away. Keep an eye out for those tornadoes.

  3. At least the pond (or as we call it. Dizzy's Alligator Farm and Swamp) filled up I betcha.
    Gonna go look and see.

    Looking like the weather you sent this way got all wore out, all I'm gittin is drizzle and an occasional brief shower.

  4. Sixbears, here in the piney wood, you have to listen for them. You never see them until you get hit.

    Ben, I will go take a look today and maybe take some pictures. Then again, I may not, who knows.

    You know that rain gauge I purchased back about 6 months ago? I have never gotten around to putting it up. I just now put it on my "to do" list.

  5. Got pretty wet and windy here in the big city!

    That wind was something else! Of course, the power went out, but not for long!

    More rain expected for today, I think!

  6. Glad you got some rain, we had 2.7 inches here in nw Travis County, high winds, few broken tree limbs, nothing serious.

  7. HJ, you all always seem to get more rain than we do. Must be because you are twice as close to the coast as I am.

    Suerte, we got less than a half of an inch here in Montgomery County.