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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wondering, what did I buy yesterday?

My wife started to get worried about my son cutting most of our grass, at least the part that he could get to with his riding mower.  You see, he broke his back and he has all these bars and screws fusing three vertebrae together in his lower back and she thought that it was not good for him cutting all that grass.  She suggested that I should get a lawn tractor and cut it myself.   She also suggested that I get something that she could use if I ever got to the point where I was unable to cut it.  You know, like dead or something.  So, since Ben from “An Older Texan Remembers”, swears by his John Deere and really good friends of ours from Pennsylvania do the same, we started kicking some John Deere tires.  Our friends in Pennsylvania told my wife to make sure it had power steering.  So, with a short list of wants we browsed the John Deere store up the road a couple of miles.

Dang, I didn’t know they had so many.  We didn’t just want the “throw-a-way” kind that they sell everywhere, but a more substantial one and with power steering.  I have an old Farmall 200 that is not running now, but now we just want something that will cut grass, only.  We settled on X540/54C model.  It has a water-cooled engine, power steering, and a lot of features.  It cuts a 54 inch wide swath at a time.  Of course it cost 4 to 5 times what their “standard” model cost, but this one comes with a four year warranty and the other’s didn’t.  They will deliver it later this morning and I will take some pictures to show you all.  I believe it will knock down acres of yard in a hurry.  We looked at some 4wheel steering models, since I have a lot of trees to cut around, but settled on this better, heavier, bigger unit.  At least it has bigger rear wheels than the other ones.  They pushed it off the show-room floor and all we have to do now is wait until it is delivered.

You all have a great day today, I sure am planning to.

OK, I am having trouble with the font and size again.  This is not as big as usual, so hope you all can read it.


  1. Well, YeeHaw!! Welcome to the 21st Century! You sure gonna love that big ole Mower! Take your tine with it for a bit, then once you figer it out real good. Have Wife read the book on it, then once you're comfortable with it , let her play with it till she gets the hang of it. :-)
    I'm only on my second JD since I moved here 20+years ago. For a long time I had the JD from over at the farm that Daddy bought new in 1960. Just needed a good tune up and battery and gas
    Guess you're gonna have to build a shed for that now huh?

  2. You won't EVER quit mowing now. lololol. Watch out,,,swamp.

  3. Wow! You are certainly moving up in the world of lawn care!

    Guess you'll be mowing all the time now! Good score!

  4. Ben, I tried it out and I like it. Cut my front lot in just a very few minutes. It turns so sharp you can trip around trees or power poles. That power steering is really nice. The only think I don't like is you can't get off of it with everything running.

    Trouble, Didn't take long for the dust to get to me. But I cut in a few minutes what would have taken me hours with my push rotory.

    HJ, Yep, now I will be waiting for the rain to make the grass grow so I can go cut some more. (grin)

  5. Good to see you're keeping the economy rolling along nicely and buying another toy DD... Don't forget to use the other one you bought a little while ago...