Wondering about wild grapes

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wondering back to the Doc.

My wife hurt her back.  It seemed to start after we got back from setting up at the flea market.  It must have been from carrying all that money we made (grin).  Actually, it was probably a couple of things.  Getting the stuff rounded up and ready to go was one.  Getting in and out of the RV is another.  There are five steps up into it and it seems to be hard for her getting up and down them.  The third and probably the real reason was carrying the dogs around.  Anyway, they took X-rays yesterday and they want her back today to go over the problem and they want me to be there, too, and not just sit in the waiting room like I did yesterday.

I haven’t had any work at all this year and wouldn’t you know it, yesterday I got an email asking for a rush job.  It isn’t big, but since I have been cleaning out my office in hopes of replacing the rug with hard flooring, my work computer was not in operation.  I tried to work on my laptop, but couldn’t get the one program to run right and it didn’t have the reference material on it that I needed.  So, I found a stand, put it in front of the couch, and put the CRT monitor on it.  Got the computer sitting on the floor beside the couch.  I then did the flat layouts that my customer wanted.  The problem was I was in such a hurry I really screwed it up.  I was sitting here last night watching TV and it hit me what I had done.  I emailed my customer telling him to delete what I had sent him.  I called him this morning and confirmed that he was to delete it all.  He knows that I know how to do it, but sometimes I guess I just don’t think before I act.  He said that was OK that we all have had days like that.  Now, I better get it right this time.  You would think that I would learn to not rush, but it is hard to teach old dogs new tricks.

You all have a great day, now.  I got to run.


  1. Perhaps concern for your wife has distracted you?

    I'm taking mine in for blood tests this morning. Nothing major. Just following up on old problems.

  2. Put the work on hold!! Gotta take care of Momma first!! Work you can get more of, wifie, not so much.

  3. Sixbears, good luck on your wife's blood tests. Hope they find everything all right. I am having problems with my work. How soon we forget what work was like after you have been retired for awhile.

    Ben, I always take care of her if she knows it or not.

  4. thanks for all your kind works on my blog. "busy" is now my fist and middle name. It's a good thing, for several years I sat at home with small kids while my husband traveled for his job, days were slow and uneventful. Feel like I'm living now. being an artist/stage mom is exciting. Hope your wife feels better and glad the computer didn't get the best of you!

  5. Jill, glad you have a "life" as an artist and as a stag Mom. I am sure you a great at both.