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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wondering where the snake went.

There was a three plus foot long snake on the screened in pack porch yesterday.  He or she is not dangerous, being non-poisonous and non-aggressive.  I touched it on the back and it didn’t even try to bite me.  It disappeared into my wife’s collection of potted plants.  I think that it is good to have a snake like that around, keeps unwanted creatures, critters, and creepy-crawly things under control.  Of course my wife does not see it that way and refuses to go out on the porch even to let the dogs out.

Ben said that I should remove it.  Trouble is Ben, I can’t find it now.  It may be still in that plant jungle but if it is, it is hiding pretty good, for sure.  I think it will stay out of sight if it is still around, so you know the old saying, “out of sight, out of mind”.  Hope that works for my wife.  She said that if she sees it she may have a heart attack.  I have trouble understanding that.  Why would anyone be that afraid of something that can’t hurt him or her?  There is plenty of things that can hurt or kill you and we don’t seem to fear all of them.  That list can be really long, like not eating right, or not getting the proper rest and exercise, or smoking, or drinking too much, or reckless driving, or a million other things that people do that are either dangerous or not good for their health.  You all have a great day now and I will go back out and check to see if the snake is anywhere around.  I am sure once he eats anything that may be there, he will move on.

BTW, the font is acting up again, so I am making it normal size.  You can enlarge it to read it if it is too small.  Let me know if it looks any better.


  1. Hey Diz, wifie suffers from ophiophobia, fear of snakes.. Live with it. Sprinkle moth balls around out there and sneaky will leave.
    Just Do IT!! Which do you prefer for a house mate? The Snake or the Wife? :-)

  2. I like snakes, they keep the mice under control, but they do stay outside. No one in my house fears them so it's not a problem. It's those darn wolf spiders that keep coming in the house that keep my busy.

  3. I'll take the snake any time over the things it's there to eat.
    That other font didn't have any space between lines, that was the problem. This one is fine with me, better than the other anyway.

  4. Just remember...if mama ain't happy, no one's happy!

  5. Ben, I really don't want to chase it away, at least until it eats what ever it is after.

    Sixbears, the big problem down here are the brown recluse spider. We also have a lot black widows.

    Trouble, me too. Also glad you could read it OK.

    HJ, oh so true.

  6. My wife would have made a new door as she made her exit, she hates snakes. Me, I'm more concerned about all the Black Widow spiders that suddenly showed up a couple years ago. If that snake of yours is fond of them spiders, send him up my way.

  7. SNAKE! I'm with your wife on this one. They may not hurt you but...they move fast,don't have legs/feet so it's hard to know where they are headed. My cats bring snakes home to play with. I had to look a few up on the internet, they were small but I wanted to be sure they didn't have big parents around. My neighbor was bit by a copperhead a few years ago...I keep my eyes open. and keep the grass around my house short! ( want to see them coming)

  8. Jimkabob, there is always something out there that can hurt you, but some just scare you. This snake did neither to me. I happen to like snakes but do respect them.

    Jill, even little snakes, if poisonous, can hurt you. Be careful of those little ones the cat drags in if you don't recognize the breed.