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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wondering about a Christmas Comet.

I was reading my December issue of Astronomy and in the Astronews section I saw an article on a new comet that is suppose to "light up the sky".  They say this comet will be the brightest ever seen by any person living today.  To make it even more interesting, it is predicted to swing around the sun and then make a close approach to Earth near the end of December 2013, just in time for Christmas.  What a sight to see, it should be as bright as a full moon at its closest approach to Earth.  I sure hope I will still be around to see that spectacle.

Now this starts me to a wondering.  It seems that a little over 2000 years ago around the first Christmas, there was a "bright star" in the sky that led the wise men to the Nativity.  Some astronomers believe it was a near super nova that the wise men saw.  I think it was this long term comet that they followed, since it was said that it moved across the sky to lead them on their journey.  Of course I do not know for sure and this newly discovered comet (Comet C/2012 S1 (ISON) or just Comet ISON) has not had its trajectory exactly calculated as of yet.  But if it was the same "bright star" that predicted the birth of Jesus, maybe this same "bright star" will predict his return.  Just wondering. . . Now you all have a great day, you hear?


  1. 2013, right?

    It is supposed to be a bright one.

  2. Should be quite the spectacle, I hear!

    Such wonders we have in the Universe!

    1. HJ, it sure should be. Yes, the universe holds a lot of wonders; most are yet to be discovered.

  3. Wonder if any wise men will appear?
    Might have to look off-world for them, too.

  4. after this election I think we could use a few wise men to show up. As for Jesus showing up...I hope not..I would have to much to explain and I just don't have the time right now! BIG GRIN. Sounds like that comet will be an event to see.

  5. Jimkabob, don't know. After the results of the last two elections, it doesn't seem like there re any wise men left.

    Jill, it would be very hard for anyone to explain their lives to all's satisfaction.

  6. Yeah that is a ways off. Sounds interesting though.

  7. David, yep, a little over a year. It should be worth waiting and watching for.

  8. It sounds like it will be quiet the sight...hope I am around to see it.

  9. Wont that be something special! Hopefully it wont get too close! (grin)

  10. MsB, it should be very bright but I don't have any idea how big it will appear. I, too, hope both of us are around to see it.

    Jeff, space is called space because there is a lot of space out there. But there is always things slamming into things, so let us hope it doesn't get too close.