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Friday, November 16, 2012

Wondering about my doppelganger.

I have heard that everyone has a twin somewhere in the world, even if they were not born of the same set of parents.  A few days ago I got my "Gold Prospectors" magazine in the mail.  I had to take a second look.  To my surprise, I thought that they had put my picture on the cover, but at closer inspection I could see that I was wrong.  First off, the picture was taken on the beach at the GPAA mining camp at their Cripple River location in Alaska.  Yes, I am a member and I have gone to one of their camps a couple of times at Stanton, AZ and have been interviewed for their TV show, but I have never been in Alaska.  Looking a little closer, this guy is a lot better looking than I am; of course isn't everybody?

OK, first I will show you the cover of the magazine and then a couple of pictures that my wife took of me a couple of days ago.

And now a couple of pictures that my wife took of me the day before yesterday:

OK, the guy on the cover of the magazine was a lot better looking but he looked a lot colder than I was.  Of course the work getting the gold and the gold itself has a way of heating a guy up.  Now, may all your clouds have silver and gold linings, and have a great day today, you hear?


  1. about 15 years ago I was stopped often while shopping in Butler, people thought I was someone else. I had a double living in Butler. No one has mistaken in me for my double in years. Maybe she moved or one of us has changed in a dramatic way...maybe she is now blond!
    Fun magazine cover. ( I would lie and tell eveyone it was me!)

  2. How many people live on this Earth? There has to be some one some where some time that looked just like you. They must have thought you were a movie star from that movie they are shooting near you, right?

  3. Had a friend that knew she was adopted, and one time a man that was at a party in Houston, heard this woman and looked, and sure enough, it was my friend's double! Voice, looks, the whole thing. Could have been her REAL twin!!

  4. I believe that is you DD. You know how the ol memory banks get gaps between the recollections. Did you find any gold dust in the bottom of the washing machine?

  5. Trouble, that guy on the magazine has too many clothes on to really tell what he looks like.

    I will have to check the washing machine and my bank account. It ain't cheap going up to Alaska for a gold dig.

    Jill, could be, I was told that my twin was the only surviving child (grin).

  6. Change your hood to orange and get a blue baseball cap and no one would ever know.

  7. David, and maybe put on a little more weight. When that magazine arrived the cover really caught my attention.