Wondering about wild grapes

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Wondering about dog clothes.

My wife is at it again.  Coming up with something she can make with yarn.  This time she decided that the dogs needed some new clothes, since two of them have been shaved and winter is coming on and she wanted to make something.  I believe it all started when she made a little shirt for a small Chihuahua.  Here are some that she made for our three dogs.

This is the one that she made for our oldest, Muffy.

This one is for our youngest, Gizzy.

 And of course our little boy needed a blue one.  The dog in the background is a toy.

Since she was on a roll, she made another multiple colored one for our our eldest.  Doesn't she look cute?

OK, all our dogs are ready for winter.  I wonder which day it will be this year?  Now you all keep warm and snuggle up if it is cold where you are and have a great day, you hear?


  1. Those are the cutest things! And i know they work,,got afghans.

  2. Too cute. My dog is already wondering why we are here when it's snowing instead of sailing down south.

  3. Cute, and a good small project. I can relate to wanting some small projects as I work my way through the sweater.

  4. Trouble, cute and warm, a perfect combination and they don't mind wearing them.

    Sivbears, your dog has a really good question, so when are you heading south?

    Shadowmoss, small is good. She made five of them, so that still wouldn't add up to a person's sweater. Thanks you all for stopping bye.

  5. They are darn cute. Dogs are too.

  6. Very cute sweaters. I made one for our little girl dachshund but our boy ''lucked'' out ha ha.

  7. Tammy, my wife is into all kinds of arts and crafts. She is never bored.

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