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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wandering around my place on a warm day.

The temperatures have been warm and we have had no rain for a long time.  Looks like the drought from last year still has a hold on us.  I love the blue skies, comfortable days, and starry nights, but we really do need some rain.  I took a walk around the place and took a few pictures.  My son has a gasoline powered weed eater with a circular saw blade on it and he trimmed the path around the place for me.  He did a good job:

 Look real close and you can see the sun shining through the trees lit up a pretty spider web.  If there had been a dew on it, it would have showed up a lot better:

 As I was walking past a couple of the wet spots that was left of my large pond, I noticed a lone duck swimming along the weeds:

Here is an enlarged view of the above picture:

 And here is another close up:
These are the best pictures that I could get of this lone duck.  I do not recognize it.  Can any of you tell me what kind of duck this is?  I wonder why there is only one of them.  Maybe he is the "black sheep" of the flock and they left him behind.  Usually there are multiple ducks instead of just one.  You all have a great day and have a very happy and thankful Thanksgiving and don't forget all the things we do have to be thankful for.


  1. Enjoyed the stroll. I just got back from a stroll along our river which looks like a crick now. Darn dry here, too. Never seen the river so low, maybe should rename it Rocky Gulch. Maybe that black sheep duck is an American Black duck, what'd he taste like?

  2. Jimkabob, I think it is some kind of coot. Since I am an old coot I wouldn't harm another coot (grin).

  3. Could it, might it, no, I don't think so, but then again, yes I think it's definitely, almost certainly, without a shadow of a doubt, well just a little one perhaps but I'm ninety nine percent almost positive its a 'Dizzy Duck'...

  4. Have a great Thanksgiving, buddy! Hope you and the wife have a good one!

  5. TFT, now that IS funny, I had to laugh out loud. Thanks for the wit. Dizzy Duck, it is. We have had all kinds of ducks here, and some did to seem a little dizzy. Maybe it is catching.

    HJ, you, too, and you have a great birthday today, you hear?