Wondering about wild grapes

Monday, November 5, 2012

Wondering about some porch critters

Life of all kinds seems to make their homes in almost every nook and cranny on this earth and maybe on other worlds, too.  Life is amazing!  Of course there is always some life forms that want to have a roof over their heads and a comfortable places to hang around and wait for some bite of food to wander by.  I noticed two lizards (anole lizards) hanging around on my screened in back porch yesterday.  My first shot is fuzzy.  I guess the camera couldn't figure out what to focus on.  Sorry about that, but at least you can make out the tow lizards hanging out on my porch.

I moved over to the other side and tried to get closer.  The one got nervous and took off, but the other just smiled when I said "say cheese" and I got its picture.  They show up better when they turn green but these had turned brown to blend in with their background.  This tells me that the insects that they prey on can see colors.

Look real close and you can see him hanging from that small space between the beams:

We have a lot of them around our place and I always enjoy watching them, although my wife does not.  They have sharp, piercing eyes that don't miss a thing.  Here is an enlarged view:

These are some of my friends that I hang around with.  Now you all have a great first work day of the week for any of you who are not retired, you hear?  For us retired folk, everyday is a weekend day! 


  1. We have no lizards here in NH, but I always get a kick out of them when down south. Anything that eats bugs is a friend of mine.

    1. Have to figure out what day it is every day,,,,date?,,,always questionable.

  2. I just looked and both of them are hanging in the same place. I would think that they could catch more bugs on the outside of the screen but then they may become food for a hungry bird.

  3. Trouble, my watch tells not only the time but also the day and date. That is the only way I know what day it is.

  4. Your not kidding, they do hang out! That first picture made me laugh. We had a stink bug invasion here in PA, glad for the cold snap, all the stink bugs I see now are belly up! Boy do your dogs dress nice,

  5. Jill, I remember stink bugs. They were green and purple and realty did stink. Yep the dogs are a little spoiled with all the cloths and being fed special home cooked meals. A dogs life. . .

  6. I like the lizards that hang around my place. They are pretty good at dodging the cats!

    I think that our pets have it better than we do at times!

  7. HJ, I bet the cats get one or two. And yes, our pets do have it better than we do. We are their servants.