Wondering about wild grapes

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Wondering about our November weather.

At 07:00 this morning the outside temperature here was 70 degrees.  When I woke up, the AC was running.  Not bad for what is usually the coolest time of day.  It is cloudy and has rained a little bit, but not enough to keep my wife from wanting to go to the flea market.  This is a the time of year when weather can change very fast and sometimes without warning.  You can go to bed and it is hot out and wake up with it cold, or you can go to bed with it cold out and wake up with it warm.  There is a front coming and northwest of the front it is now 40 degrees and southeast of the front it is in the 70's.  The front shouldn't get here until this evening around 18:00 or 19:00.  This will probably be one of those days that depending what time it is, the weather may be different.  If you don't like it now, just wait a few minutes and it will change.

When I lived up north of Fort Worth just south of Justin, it was even worse.  I remember going to work in a short sleeved shirt with the AC going in the car and when I stepped out to go to lunch it was freezing.  The weather does not change as drastically where I live now as it did up there in the Texas prairie.  Here we are closer to the Gulf coast and it does temper the weather some, unless there is a hurricane coming in.  Actually, I can't complain about the climate in this area.  The humidity is probably the worst part of it.  Now, you all have a great day today, you hear?


  1. Was a very warm night here and was 69.7 in here at 7:00 its been from 59 to 63 normally for a good while at that time. I sure hope they are wrong about the 27 degrees tonight!

  2. That front is due here any minute. Big drop in temp. Really don't think we will get any rain tho.

  3. Rockport doesn't normally participate in the cold weather.

  4. Here in Houston it's 80 and holding at 10:30am. I'm ready for a front to move in!

    Sure has been some crazy weather this year!

    Good hunting at the flea market! You might take a sweater, just in case!

  5. David, anything below freezing is unacceptable and anything blow 60 is uncomfortable as far as I am concerned. Got spoiled hen I moved here.

    Trouble, so far it is still warm and we have been getting light showers off and on moving in from the south south east. The wind will have to make a 180 degree direction change when it comes through. The two coliding can cause storms.

    Barney, dang, you are missing out on all the fun (grin).

    Sixbears, you can keep it up there where it is soppose to be.

    HJ, we are back home and it is still warm. Did get caught in a couple of rain showers. Don't worry, I didn't melt. . .

  6. 37 degrees here this morning, about 1 inch of rain last evening.