Wondering about wild grapes

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wondering about strange chemistry.

Do you remember any of your high school chemistry?  Where you taught that some substances were inert and would not react with or combine with any other element to form compounds.  Do you remember that argon was one of those inert gasses?  Well out in space the rules change.  There are chemical reactions going on out there that can not happen here on Earth.  In fact, in some low density molecular clouds, astronomers have discovered that argon is combining with other elements forming new compounds not possible here on Earth.

If this can happen out in space, what else that we believe impossible is also happening?  Maybe even a life form that is made from something other than from a carbon base.  Silicon based life has been suggested as an alternative, but if inert gasses can become reactive and form compounds, maybe different life forms could use other elements as a base and the presence of neither carbon or silicon would be needed.  I believe we have so much to learn.  We are like pre-school children as far as what we really know about everything out there in our universe.  And, is there other universes with maybe different laws of chemistry and physics that are completely different than what we know?  Heck, we don't even know what all is going on in our own universe.  So, you all have a very nice day today and if you are in that area that is suppose to get the 2 to 4 feet of snow, I hope you are warm and safe.


  1. If you say so,,never took chemistry.

  2. Science doesn't have "rules' anymore. Things are only true under certain defined circumstances. That does makes things a lot more interesting.

  3. The one thing we know for certain is how much we don't know!

    Always something new to learn!

  4. Trouble, chemistry is expected to follow rules. It didn't in this case.

    BB, glad you worry about me, some one has to. . .

    Sixbears, you are correct. It has been an exciting time to be alive. All the chemistry and physics books will have to be rewritten.

    HJ, it tahes a wise man to admit that.

  5. Chocolate. that's my mom's pat answer for everything, can't go wrong with that substance. ( since I didn't have much to say about todays subject I stole her answer).

  6. Jill, as long as it is dark clocolate.

  7. Penny, oh how I love dark, dark chocolate and also strong, dark Columbia coffee.