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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Wondering about re-purposing.

I bet a lot of you use things for purposes other than they were attended to be used.  I sure do.  Re-purposing is not just finding a use for something that will be otherwise thrown away but using stuff for a purpose that they were not originally meant for.  We have all done it at one time or another.  I do it all the time, like use the tool that is in reach instead of getting the one made for the job.  Those of you who still get a newspaper, I bet you line your bird cage with it, or wrap your fish in it, or wrap garbage in it, or something unique to you and your household.  We all re-purpose from time to time.

My wife buys and uses a lot of yarn.  She crochets, she uses knifty knitters, she weaves, she always has yarn around.  I use yarn for all kinds of purposes.  I use it like string, I use it to tie small boxes shut, and for a lot of other varied purposes.  One of those has saved my Ovation guitar from a lot of damage.  I purchased a guitar stand that it would fit in.  The trouble is that they don't make a guitar stand for this vintage Ovation, in fact I can't find a case for it, even at the Ovation site.  Yarn solved the problem of the poor fitting stand.  The guitar will stay in it but since they are made for a normal guitar to lean back against the rubber stop, the deep dish back on my guitar will only let it stand straight up.  That makes it very susceptible to being knocked down easily and with all the dogs running around my place, it gets bumped quite often.  So, I made a loop of yarn to hold it in place.  It isn't enough to take a huge hit but enough to save it from the bumps that the dogs give it.  Yarn is also stretchy so I made the loop a little smaller than needed to fit and stretch it over the tab for the shoulder strap and presto; you got an easily removable safety strap.

Don't understand what I was talking about?  OK, here is picture.  Sorry it is so fuzzy but the lighting was poor and I didn't use the flash so the shutter stayed open too long for me to hold it completely still.

You all have a great day today, you hear?


  1. Repurposing is better than recycling. Less energy used in the process.

    I love to find new uses for old things.

  2. I NEED those plastic bags! They say they're gonna discontinue them. My son is stockpiling his,,lol. I do a lot of repurposing too.

  3. Sixbears, yes, there is a lot of things you can re-purpose.

    Trouble, we use them also. Nothing much goes to waste at our place.

  4. My husband also had an Ovation guitar for many years. He generally stored it in the case when not in use, but due to its shape I can see your trouble with the stand. Good solution.