Wondering about wild grapes

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wandering around the property on 11-12-12

Yesterday, I talked my wife into taking a walk around the property. She hasn't done so in a few years.  Before hurricane Ike hit and the tornadoes it spawned took down a lot of my huge oak trees, she used to walk the path we had around the swamp multiple times almost every day, just for exercise.  After the big storm, it was very difficult to get around; too many downed trees creating obstacles she couldn't easily get over.  There are still parts of our old path that you can't get through.  Anyway, as we walked around, we took some pictures of autumn wild flowers, each other, and other things.  I am going to share some of them with you.

These are the first flowers I spotted: 

As you can see there wasn't a cloud in the all blue sky:

I did find a couple of colored leaves, it is too early for most of them and last years drought took its toll on the trees and vegetation:

This is a Bay Berry bush, see the small grey berries?  They smell so good as do the leaves:

Even the Yaupon have berries:

And some yellow flowers to brighten up the day:

And I noticed some pale yellow flowers, also:

And of course the Holly:

One of the big Oaks that Ike brought down with my wife to show the size:

These beautiful fuzzy flowers got my attention.  No, the picture is not out of focus, they are just fuzzy:

We ended the walk around with these small white flowers that were hugging the ground:

Sure glad you walked around with me.  I didn't take any pictures of the ponds since you have seen a lot them in the past.  Today was flower and all kinds of fauna day.

By the way, it was in the mid 30's this morning.  Now that is really cold for this time of year, but it will warm up fast . . . . I hope.  Now you all have a great day, you hear, and take a walk around and see all the beauty that nature has to show you.


  1. Thanks for letting me join in on the walk. I need the exercise!

    Man, you have a wide range of flowers around your place! Bet it makes it smell good!

  2. I enjoyed seeing all the flowers and taking a cyber walk. Boy it really got cold for Houston!

  3. BB landed in Sinton. Ck his blog update for goat info.

  4. Nice to see something in bloom -even if it's far away.

  5. HJ, I took it slow and easy so you wouldn't be left behind and I didn't notice if they had much of a fragnance.

    MsB, glad you enjoyed the walk and it did get too cold for sure.

    Barney, thanks, I did.

    Trouble, glad you did.

    Sixbears, there is usually something blooming all the time except maybe in the first of February.

  6. Thanks for the pictures. I love coming across the unexpected in our great outdoors. There is always something of beauty and interest to find.

  7. Jill, I have always said that nature has beauty every where. Even in a big city it finds cracks and corners to sprout living beauty. You just have to hunt harder for it in a city. BTW, I would never live in a city. Only spent one year as an adult and one year as a pre school child living in a town.