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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wondering about round things.

Have you ever seen a perfect circle?  Or how about a perfect sphere?  I don't believe you have; I haven't.  Let see, ball bearings are pretty close to being a perfect sphere as are a lot of things.  Probably the smaller something is the more it will appear to be a perfect sphere because a very small fraction of a percent out of round would be so small it wouldn't be noticed.  OK, lets think huge.  You may tell me that the moon is round, or the Earth is a perfect sphere, or the planets are.  You would be wrong.  The earth (and other planets) bulge at their equator and the faster spinning ones bulge the most from centrifugal force.

There is something you see almost every day that is round and that would be our Sun.  Our closest star only deviates from being a perfect sphere by 17 : 1,000,000.  Now I bet you can't see that small amount of out of roundness.  So you may ask, why doesn't it bulge at its equator, also?  Because of the huge thermo-nuclear reaction going on in its center which creates huge pressures pushing outward against its huge gravity pulling inwards.  Things will change, though, when the sun starts running out of fuel.  Now, that could be a subject for a future blog, or maybe not.  Now you all have a bright and sunny day today, you hear?


  1. Did not know the sun was that round. With all the activity there, one would think it full of bumps and buldges.

  2. I don't think they count the sun spots and flares.

  3. I remember learning, like way back, long time ago, that if the Earth were as smooth as an orange, the depressions and ridged would each be a bigger mountain range that all the ones on Earth, put together. Funny what you retain and what goes away.

  4. I heard there is no perfect circles in nature, but I guess there is just nothing perfectly round period.

  5. As long as I manage to hang on, I think the earth's shape is fine!

    Food for thought here, buddy!

  6. Michael, I would imagine that even a billiard ball, if blown up to the size of the earth, would also have huge mountains.

    David, is anything perfect? The sun sure does come close, though.

    HJ, hanging on is a good idea.

  7. Howdy Trouble. Now you don't doubt me do you? (Grin)

  8. I guess we would have to include Rush Limbaughs head. As certainly those enormous amounts of BS must exert tremendous pressure to achieve a perfectly round fat head.

  9. we have sunshine today...I can't think about perfect anything today. what's for dinner just about does me in every day...so over cooking!

  10. Spud, now that made me laugh!!

    Jill, glad you have sunshine. I can remember so many dreary dark days during a Pennsylvania winter.

    1. Always happy to provoke a laugh ! In your wanderings check out our little corner of the world.