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Monday, November 26, 2012

Wind direction controls our weather

We all know that wind direction affects our weather, but around here it seems to be one of the biggest factors.  Last night when I took the dogs out I looked up and the high clouds where speeding past the bright moon coming directly from the south.  I knew that it would bring in warm humid air off the Gulf and that the temperature would not drop much, if any.  I was right.  When I went to bed it was 60 degrees out side and when I got up earlier this morning it still was 60 degrees.  Now, if the wind was coming in from the north, things would be different.  The north wind brings in cold dry air, unless it is a front coming though, then it will also bring rain.  We need rain.  We are in drought conditions, which is the price one has to pay for all the gorgeous, drop dead beautiful days we have been having.  The news says there is a lot of fog around, but I haven't noticed any but can't see too far because of all the trees.  They are predicting some rain for later this afternoon.  Hope we do get some today because it doesn't look like there will be any other chance for quite some time.

Depending on where the low and high pressure system are located, determine the wind direction.  It also determines how the fish are biting.  I am not sure if it holds up here in Texas, but on the east coast, this little poem says it all.

When the wind is from the east, the fish will bite the least.
When the wind is from the south, it blows the bait in (or out) of the fish's mouth.
If the wind is from the west, the fishing is the best.
When the wind is from the north, the fisherman shouldn't venture forth.

Did you notice that I gave you a choice on the second line of the above poem.  This can give you another excuse for not catching any fish.  You don't have to thank me, I need an excuse now and then, too.  I may not have the words exactly right but you get the point.  I have found this poem to be correct most of the time.  At least it is a good excuse for not catching fish.  So what do you think, is the poem correct?  You all have a great day today and for you fishermen, don't worry about the wind, just go fishing.  Remember, the sport is named "fishing" not "catching". . . (grin)


  1. Living in the hills, I've got a lot of micro climates. I can get 6 inches of snow and yet the roads will be bare just 2 miles away.

    We are just north of Mr. Washington that gets the worst weather in the world.

  2. I'd like to know about that poem too. If it's true or not...Never heard it.

  3. Sixbears, yes but it is beautiful and not over populated.

  4. Trouble, that is a commen poem out east.