Wondering about wild grapes

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Wondering why I was laying on the floor.

First off, let me wish you all a blessed and happy Easter.

I haven’t fallen hard in a long time, but I sure did yesterday.  I was carrying a pile of magazines and my right foot slipped on a wet spot on the wood floor.  Both feet went out from under me and I landed square on my back.  At first I thought, “What the heck just happened and why am I laying on the floor?”  I decided not to try to move right off, but since nothing seemed to hurt I was either OK or I was paralyzed.  I slowly started to get up, and to my surprise, I was OK.  I couldn’t believe I didn’t break something, an old man like me who will be 70 on my next birthday falling that hard and not hurting.  Let me tell you, I woke up this morning hurting a lot worse than I did after I first fell, but I was lucky.  I fell flat on my back, which dissipated the force of the fall equally through my torso.  That is what I believe made what could have been a bad experience into one I can now laugh at.  And yes, you can laugh at me, too.  You may as well, a lot of people do.

I make it a policy not to blog about politics but a friend of mine sent me a link to a video that took someone a lot of time and effort to create.  It does try to make a political point, but it uses animated characters of a whole bunch of political figures from both parties, past and present, and has a lot of comedy in it.  I thought that some of you may enjoy watching it.  I will leave it up to you if you want to watch it or not, but in case you do, here is link to it:

Now you all have a great day today and don’t eat too many eggs or candy, you hear?


  1. Dang!!! Got a knot on the back of your head? Glad you didn't do any damage to yourself.

    I like that link you provided, pretty much says it all. IMHO.

  2. Happy Easter, hope your on the mend. will check out the political link...could use a laugh. My husband follows politics. I only half listen. I think politics and the news media just play games, most of what they say and report is for popularity/ratings...no substance no solutions. After saying or typing that I have to laugh, I' m reading Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter. I saw a "coming soon" movie poster with that title. the book was in Sam's Club and shelled out the $4.95 to see what it's about. The idea is silly but it's a fun read.
    I also read a woman's blog from the Isle of Sky..but I think an address of Cut N Shoot is way better!

  3. Sorry to hear about your fall, buddy! Better be careful!

    Folks our age don't mend as quickly as we used to!

    I'm glad to know you are OK...better to be sore at home than mending in a hospital somewhere!

    Happy Easter!

  4. There was so much background noise, i didn't watch that video. Was it me?
    Horrified to hear about your fall, but so relieved you're ok. Who cares about a few sore spots,,no broken bones is the main thing.

  5. Ben, you are not as glad as I was that I was able to get up. Glad you liked the video.

    Jill, the trouble with politics is it is the realm of polititions. I, too, like the name of my town. Looks good on the address and on the driver's license.

    Hermit, the worst place to be is in a hospital, probably come home sick.

    Trouble, I didn't notice any back ground noise. Did any one else have a problem? If so, let me know. Thanks for your concern.

    1. Absolutely no problem with the video. worked fine.

  6. With a name like Dizzy, it's a wonder you don't fall down more often. Glad you are doing well. Happy Easter.

  7. DD, were you wearing sensible shoes? Glad to hear you're okay. I also been having a series of accidents where I ask "what the hell just happened?" Though it does provide a certain amount of entertainment for the wife.

  8. Ben, thanks, I am glad it works OK.

    Sixbears, you sure have a good point there. And a happy Easter to you to.

    Jimkabob, no, I HD my Crocks on. They are my house shoes. Glad you can entertain the wife.

  9. Oh, Dizzy-Dick, I am so glad that you didn't hurt yourself too badly, it could have been worse!

    I am terrified of slick floors as my friend died from slipping and striking her head in her bathroom. So I know that's why I put up with shampooing my carpet, and having runners on my linoleum.
    Happy Tails and Trails, Penny, TX