Wondering about wild grapes

Friday, April 20, 2012

The war on vegetation was a draw.

I waged war on the vegetation that sneaked across the border and invaded my driveway from the ground up to higher than I can reach.  I fought that war most of the day yesterday except for a trip to town to restock the refrigerator and pantry with supplies.  Got the stuff I cut down by hand (no power tools) picked up as it was getting so dark I couldn’t see.  I now have two huge piles both over 8 feet tall.  I wander how long it will take nature to shrink these down to something useful?  Actually the war ended in a draw.  There is still stuff that needs cut back or down but I can hardly walk.  I hurt all over but my left knee went out and now the only way to walk without too much pain is to walk like Chester did on the original Gunsmoke TV series.

OK, I am going to warn you that I may be real late posting a blog tomorrow, so don’t get worried about me and call 911 or something.  I have to go and get stuff ready for what we have planned for this weekend so will keep this short.  Don’t worry I will let you know by writing a blog sometime tomorrow or tomorrow evening.  If not, I will catch up Sunday or Monday.  You all hold the fort down and have a great day, you hear?


  1. Well, OK then. Thanks for the warning about you be missing in action. Won't have to find the sheriff's number for your area. :-)

  2. Hope whatever you have planned goes well and involves loots of food!

    Take all the time you need, my friend!

  3. Camping this weekend? I'm ready, let's go.

  4. Ben, just didn't want to worry you like I did the last time. This time I have a new portable WiFi.

    HJ, Everything I do has to have food involved somehow. The problem is I try to stay on a real healthy diet, and that does get boring.

    Trouble, sort of, guess again.

  5. Be careful - yard work can really do you in.

  6. Gypsy, at my age and condition it sure seems to, my left knee is still giving me problems.

  7. THANK YOU for posting this! I always enjoy visiting and always learn something...

    Common Cents

  8. Winter in NH sure knocks everything back. Even with the unusally warm weather here, the leaves are just starting to come out and the grass isn't all green yet.

    Of course, there's plenty of storm damaged trees to deal with this spring. I'll get to it. Those will be turned into building materials or firewood. Very little goes to waste here.