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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Wandering through the Cut and Shoot Tourist Trap

My wife and I stopped at the Cut and Shoot Tourist Trap that is run by a gal named Judy, an old acquaintance.  She isn’t one to retire and live the leisure life with her dogs, but just loves to buy and sell junk.  She rented a couple of large buildings in Cut and Shoot east of Conroe on Texas highway 105 with a couple of partners which have since run out on her.  She rents out booths and space to dealers or anyone that wants to sell items, old or new.  I don’t see how she manages the high rent that she has to pay without her partners, but she seems to be doing just fine.  If anyone can handle it alone, she can.  The place sells anything you can think of from a full church size organ to old buttons and marbles.  I looked, but I couldn’t find the marbles I lost (grin).

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so here are seven thousand words.  The first two pictures are of the outside of the main building:

This is the second building that contains furniture for sale:

They also have fruit trees for sell beside their big old red fire truck:

The inside has many rooms full of interesting things.  The next two pictures are of the first small room inside the air conditioned building:

And of course before we left, we had to take a look at the baby rattlers.  That is Judy standing beside the steel container.

If you are ever passing by, stop and browse a bit, you may find something that you just can’t live without.  Now you all have a nice a day and we will be heading off to the flea market.


  1. Good Grief!! How long has Judy been there? That place sure looks familiar and I haven't been in Cut N Shoot since the 70's I guess.

  2. Love name..Cut N Shoot Tourist Trap. My kind of place, wish it wasn't so far away!

  3. Ben, she had a place before called "Judy's Across the Track" which was closer to Conroe and was just across the tracks. I was living in Pennsylvania in the 70's so don't know where she was back then.

    Jill, Cut N Shoot is the name of the town where I live. I have a post office box ant the Cut and Shoot Post Office. It is for real. It is west of Old Security and south of Point Blank. There are a lot of places like that around Texas.

  4. I'm with Jill on this one. The "Cut N Shoot Tourist Trap" would be able to pay rent for the next 6 months if'n old Billy Bob browsed around in there. Flea markets are kind of OK, but a place like this....hog heaven.

  5. LOVE that place!! But, where are the rattlers?,,all i see is a sign. lololol.

  6. Always fun to go and look around a place like this!

    Probably has stuff even she has forgotten about!

  7. BB, well if'n you are ever in my area be sure to stop, Judy would appreciate you paying the rent...

    Trouble, the next time I get there I will take a picture of them if they are still there. Maybe they will grow up some.

    Hermit, drive up this way sometime. If you do so on a Saturday, you could stop at both the flea market and Judy's.

  8. DD, check on a post I did yesterday titled 'Hanging out to dry'. You're mentioned in it, hope you like it...

  9. TFT, I always read all your posts, just don't know how I missed that one. God you are back in the Flying Tortoise and sure hope out are flying high.

  10. I was wondering where Judy went after she closed Judy's Across The Tracks. Now I know. Thanks.