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Friday, April 6, 2012

Wondering about non-bright shy objects and ET.

I used to think that the night sky was black.  Now I know that the bigger the telescope you use to observe the sky the less dark it appears.  In fact, even with my 16 inch scope, I can’t find an all black area.  Everywhere you look there is light.  It is a marvelous universe, but as it continues to expand the darker it will get.  Just imagine how bright the sky must have been back a billion years or so ago!!

Now that I have said that, I want to talk about “the dark side”.  No, not that either, just had to say that for some melodrama (grin).  Have you ever heard of Bok globules?  When first discovered, astronomers of old thought that they were “holes” in the heavens.  Now we know that they are just huge clouds of gas, but they are different.  They are among the coldest, darkest, densest, and most mysterious clouds known in our galaxy and some of them collapse into a sun-like star.  Also, some people believe that they are a place where we may find clues of extra-terrestrial life; not life itself but a form of AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Why AI?  What better way to explore the universe than with Artificial Intelligence.  Those probes would not need to be programmed to do specific things but could adjust to think things out and figure out what best to do in all situations.  AI can exist in conditions that would be fatal to actual life and could last for a much longer time.  The use of AI would be the most practical method of exploring the universe.  Biological life would have too many limitations.

OK, you say, but what has that to do with Bok globules?  Mr. Seth Shostak of the SETI (search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute believes that is where we will discover our first alien artificial intelligence.  He believes that it is possible that an advanced race may “eventually evolve from a race of biological also-rans into an artificial race of highly intelligent, self-replicating – even self–repairing – machines.”

So, what does that have to do with Bok globules?  He thinks that a near by star could give lots of energy to AI machinery and that the “brain” could face away from the star taking full advantage of the globule’s frigid temperatures.  Sounds like a plan to me.  Glad to hear that SETI is still actively searching new places for alien signals.  They have also widely expanded the frequency ranges that they are monitoring and with today’s powerful computers, can sort though all the noise mush better and faster.

What would be your reaction if SETI announced that it found signs of alien life or intelligence?  Would it thrill you or would you just shrug, and say so what?  Until we get that call from ET, you all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. IMHO, it's hard to imagine that we are the only advanced carbon based life form. Not saying the others look like us. Shoot, maybe they look like big ole Jelly fish!
    You signed up to listen for ET calling home?
    SETI Info

  2. I was wondering if you became a part of SETI@home, do you have to leave your computer on all the time? My internet connection is a MiFi, with a 5GB bandwidth limit each month. The SETI site says only that you run a program that downloads and analyzes telescope data. Are you a SETI@home person?

  3. Ben, if we do contact ET, he would be far advanced from us since he would have had to travel many light years to get here. Their race would have to me thousands or millions of years advanced.

    Gypsy, no I am not. My desk top needs a new mother board. It will only stay up and running for a few hours a day. And my laptops are for portable use on batteries.

    Trouble, Yep, you are spaced out (grin).

  4. I personally think it would be an exciting time!

    How arrogant we would be to think that we are the only life form in existence! Just think of what we could learn...if we would listen!

  5. I believe there is plenty of life out in the universe, but I don't want to meet it. Just think how war-like we are - really. If the alien life we meet is anything like us, we're all in for trouble! And if they are already showing up in our skies, they will be calling the shots, literally.

  6. And another thing (sorry Dizzy). I just read where 3million cubic feet of mountaintop has been blown off a mtn in Chile, where they plan to build the world's largest telescope. Can someone tell me how that is any different than blowing the top off a mountain in West Virginia so the world's largest coal shovel can get to work?

  7. Hermit, you bet it would be an exciting time until we realize how long it would be before you get a return answer.

    Gypsy, I would think that if they were advanced enough to get this far, they probably out grew war, at least I would hope so. About the mountain, I h#ve not heard about it, yet.

  8. I wanted you to know that I've just found life on a piece of cheese I've been saving for the last 23 years... I was wondering if your people would be interested in talking with my people...

  9. TFT, you betch-ya, I got some pond scum on my swamp that I am sure would be interested (grin). That life that lives on cheese must be more scattered than you would think, I found some in my refrigerator, and we are on the other side of the world!!