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Monday, April 23, 2012

Wandering back from the flea market.

We waited until this morning to come home.  The two days that I tried my hand for the first time at selling, was a great success.  Do you believe we sold everything?  Yes everything.  When we decided to stop for the weekend, another dealer bought the very few things we had left.  That was a learning experience for me and I now have a better appreciation for the vendors who do this every weekend.  Saturday and Sunday were complete successes along with the great weather.

Today, coming home was different.  It was a disaster.  To start with, everything was going fine.  I got all the slides in, the levelers came up into the “stored” position, and the motor started right up.  I backed the motor-home out and pulled it up into the main parking lot so I could go get the Jeep and hook it on behind.  Got it hooked up, the safety cables hooked to both, and the electric plug from the MH to the Jeep plugged in and all worked.  I headed back into the RV and that is when everything started turning south.  I opened the door but didn’t wait until the steps came the whole way down into position.  Just jumped on them to get in and broke something.  Now they wouldn’t go down or up.  Looked under them at the mechanism and saw that I had bent a plate and the gears were pulled apart.  So, for now, I manually held the steps in the up position and tied them there with a rope.  It as only a few miles to home base.

I got in and was ready to start and remembered I had again to put the transfer case in neutral.  Since I had it locked up, I borrowed my wife’s key to unlock it (mine was in the Jeep’s ignition to unlock the wheel) and get its drive train in the tow position.  After we got home, I discovered that I had lost my wife’s key.  Too late to go back since they were resurfacing the parking lot at the flea market this morning.

I then decided to pull in the other side of my drive way loop and turn it around near the house.  I discovered after three or four back-ups, that it was going to be almost impossible turn it around, so decided to back it out.  When I got to the sharp curve I hit my electric pole.  Dang all I needed was more damage and a nervous, upset wife.  I just pulled it back in and didn’t bother to turn it around.  Now I got more work to do on it to try and fix the damage as best I can.  I feel like I just drove 6000 miles instead of the few miles out to the flea market.

Hey, I am home.  I will not be bored since I now have lots to do.  So, you all have a great day, and hope it goes better for you then it has so far for me.


  1. SS DD, but,,,im ROFLMAOOOO. That comedian side's coming out,,,hahahahahaha

  2. Dang Diz, you shoulda just stayed one more day to rest up and gather your wits. Sounds like making all that money gittin rid of junk addled your brain so's you couldn't keep your thoughts straight , that's why you lost wife's keys. :-) Which just lead one thing to the other.

  3. Dang!!!! Not a good day. And I thought I messed up when I backed into a power pole at a rv park. Left the repairs for a better day.....6 years ago.

    Back'n a big ol' diesel pusher ain't the same as back'n a short wheelbase class C. You need to practice in a 20 acre open field where there ain't no trees and power poles.

  4. Now you have something to spend all those flea market earnings on.

    Sorry to hear about your troubles. Hope the repairs go well and cost a fortune.

  5. I'm glad the sales at the flea market were 100% positive, so you can't say the entire trip was a bust. One thing going wrong would be bearable, but you sure had your share of bad luck.

  6. Trouble, I am not a comedian, just a dumb clown.

    Ben, I just didn't feel good today, couldn't seem to think clearly; it was not one of my better days, for sure.

    BB, I was almost past the pole but it hit my lighted outside hand grab and the awning cover over the door. I watched it in my mirror and thought I was past it. This just wasn't my day.

    Sixbears, yes and probably a lot more. I bet a simple shoulder bolt that holds the gear that puts my steps up and down will cost it weight in gold.

    Gypsy, I had a good weekend and had fun talking to all the people. This flea market is bigger and better than anything they have in Houston, so we get a lot of people come to it. It was this dang Monday that got me.

    TFT, yea, the weekend was. Wish I could have skipped Monday.