Wondering about wild grapes

Monday, April 9, 2012

Wondering about some interesting people.

This couple decided to sell their home, retire early, and hit the open road as full time RVers.

They and their very cute little Shih Tzu like to travel to flea markets all over the U.S. and sell collapsible vases and really nice jewelry.  They have a 38 foot Luxor Motor-home and they pull a full size Dodge Pick-up with a motorcycle in the bed.  We visited with them both Saturday and Sunday.  Very friendly people who seem to be enjoying life.  They are heading up to Livingston Trade days, next.

One of tables that my wife and I stop at every time we are at the flea market is run by Ed who buys and sells coins of all kinds and a scattering of other interesting things.  He always has a J.O.D. (joke of the day) and he is always a lot of fun and a real pleasure to do business with.  Here is a picture of Ed (the one with the straw hat) and Bob, a coin collector who helps Ed sometimes.

The next four pictures are of the items for sell on his tables:

Just in case you are interested, I scanned his business card:

Ed had a birthday Sunday, and he is older than I am.  He sure doesn’t look his age.  Hope I am in as good a shape and spirit as he is when I get old (grin).  You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. A friend of mine just sold everything she owned, bougth a truck and camper. She will be working at Mesa National park in a hotel from May-Oct. Then she moves to another job. She is 47 years old and wants to see the county. I want her start a blog!

  2. Thx for all those pics, DD. Might run across those ppl some day.
    Keep talking to your friend, Jill,,would like to see a blog from her too.

  3. Jill, she will have a great life and you must get her to share it with us. We will read her blog if she writes one. Make sure she does.

    Trouble, you just never know when or where traveling people will show up. You very well could meet up with them.

  4. Was great meeting DD and his wife the other weekend. They are folks, looking forward to seeing them again in the near future.