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Monday, April 2, 2012

Wandering back to the dentist’s.

Yep, going back again, but this time it is not to get a tooth pulled.  The two I got out needed out, and now I have no teeth that line up on the left side of my mouth to chew with, so have to chew on the other side or in the front.  I am going to get them cleaned and then schedule a regime for getting them cleaned every four months or so.  Do you think since I am missing four teeth they will give me a discount?  Was doing that a few years ago until I showed up for my cleaning appointment and my dentist and his crew had vacated and the new tenants couldn’t speak English.  So, it has been a few years since I had them cleaned.  Not good.  This first round will not be very pleasant.  Would prefer to have a tooth pulled (grin), not as painful.

I just don’t have anything exciting or educational or funny to tell you this morning.  I seem to be a little “brain dead”.  Don’t know why, but I seem to get this way a lot more as I get older, but the alternative to getting older is not more attractive (grin).  You all have a great day now, you hear?  Maybe tomorrow I will be able to come up with a great blog that will “Wow” you.  Yea, right. . .


  1. Had mine cleaned, gosh, about a year ago, when i thot about it....Had been a lot of years in between, but wasn't bad.

  2. I've had good luck with one of those sonic toothbrushes. Still, it's been too long since my last cleaning. It's one of those easy to put off things.

  3. Don't like to even think about those types of activity!

    Still, it has to be done at some point!

  4. We don't need no stinkin' teeth.

  5. Trouble, I had no problem at all, except they wanted to take more X-rays and I didn't want more, but gave in anyway. So far they have done a whole mouth X-ray where the unit moves around your head, a shot at the last tooth I had pulled, and now two more X-rays, one on each side of the mouth. I probably will glow tonight. . . (grin).

    Sixbears, it had been over 5 years since I had a cleaning and after she got started she said that I must have taken extra special care of my teeth, since they were not bad at all, considering how long it had been since the last cleaning.

    Hermit, I guess the way to keep dentist visits easy is to go regularly and to take good care of your teeth and gums.

    Oldfool, I had an Uncle who had all his teeth pulled and wouldn’t wear dentures. Said he had no need for them. I don’t think any one knew he didn’t have teeth.

  6. Dizz I felt the same when I go to the barber an he wants to charge me double,he calls it a finders fee

  7. Ted, I don't go to the barber anymore, I quit getting a hair cut and shaving when I turned sixty five.