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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wondering about collecting.

Are you a collector?  I use to be.  Between my wife and me, I believe we have collected just about everything.  I collected stamps when I was a boy.  Didn’t everyone back then?  When I was in college I collected nickels.  Whenever I got a nickel in change I put it in the groove that encircled my dorm room that you were suppose to hang picture frames from.  I figured that way, I would never be broke.

My wife collected dolls.  She had a couple of thousand of them until she just up and sold them all.  She also collected Garbage Pail Kids cards.  Remember those?  It just seems things keep collecting around us, everything that is except money (grin).  I started out years ago with one used three inch telescope and now I have a bunch of telescopes of all sizes up to a big sixteen inch one.  We both have collected a lot of other things over the years.

Now that we don’t actively collect things it seems that things just seem to collect around us.  Most of it is junk, but of course, it is OUR junk and we have saved it for some reason or another.  Now that I am on the twilight side of life, I see no reason to collect things, but still have an attachment to what I have already collected.  Knowing me, I will probably bring something else home, something that would either go with my “collections” or just something new and different.  Why do people do things like that?  I am sure none of you collect things you don’t need, now do you?

Well, I got to get moving.  Today is Saturday and it is flea market day.  Have to go see what I can’t live without or what would go with my existing collections or would make a good start to a new collection.  Heck, after I die, someone else can get rid of my “collections”.  You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Never was a collector. In the way junk to me,,lol.

  2. I mostly collect dust, since I move so slow.

  3. For several years waaay back when People accused me of collecting wives :-)

    Only thing I used to collect was antique's, particularity clocks.

    All that is over and now I guess the only thing I collect is dust!! :-0

  4. Ben, I know what your saying about dust.

  5. Dizzy I us your blogg to keep up with a lot of other bloggs that I do not personally follow,but I do through your blogg.You know I'm a faithful follower of yours!