Wondering about wild grapes

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Wondering about life after a rain.

When I was out in the dogs’ yard yesterday after the rain, I noticed some small fungi coming to life.  I snapped a couple of pictures:

Today, I went out and took some more pictures in the dogs’ small fenced in yard.  This next one is the same as the last picture above but a day later:

It doesn’t take them long to mature and then fade away.  Here are some more tiny little mushrooms that I also saw out in the dogs’ yard:

These are so small that if you didn’t look closely, you would miss them.  Just outside the dogs’ fence were some blue wild flowers:

My puppies and I hope you enjoyed the tour of their little world.  They enjoy going out there but when it gets warmer or when it is raining, they prefer to stay in the house.  Not that they are spoiled or anything.  OK, you all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. TY, DD. I like them, even if your babies don't..

  2. I always loved this time of the year when I lived in the NC mountains. Incredibly beautiful mushrooms erupted out of the ground, were visible for a few days and then were gone, but more varieties kept appearing. I really miss the east, but especially in the spring.

  3. Trouble, my babies just ignore them.

    Gypsy, These are just some tiny ones that happened to spring up in the dogs' yard after a rain. If I would walk around the place, depending on the time of year and the rainfall, there are all kinds and sizes of fungi growing around my swamp in the woods. Since I have both pines and Oaks, I get both kinds of mushrooms. When I lived up north, my favorite were the Morchella Esculenta, or Morel. . . MMMM Good