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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nice day for the race.

I remember when I was in Junior High School, I was walking down the hall and the Principal was walking along near me.  He said “Nice day for the race”, and I just nodded and said yes it is.  A few seconds later I ask him, “what race?”  And of course his reply was “the human race”.  I never have forgotten that.  Well, today is a nice day for the human race and also the once a year N.H.R.A. Top Fuel Drag Race at the Baytown race track.  Yep, you guessed it, I am going.

I have been purchasing the same three reserved seats for years, but this year my customer that was suppose to go had to back out.  Can you believe that I couldn’t find anyone to go with me?  Well, I one good thing, I will not be crowded.  I enjoy those races and watch them on TV every time they run.  The VCR will tape it today, because I will not get home in time to see the first part.  Of course I will know who won the races (grin), but will watch it anyway.  Maybe I will wave to myself.

You all have a great day, I am going to.


  1. Glad you enjoy the races, BUT, why didn't you go park the motor home out there and spend the weekend? Shoot, best of both Worlds. Experience the sights and sounds and smells first hand AND have your own personal space to eat, shower and kick back for the night and do it all over again the next day. :-)

  2. Glad you enjoy the races. Some of my friends do, but I'm just as happy to leave an empty seat in the stands.

  3. Ben, they charge a fortune to do that, but you could watch the races looking out the windshield.

    Sixbears, top fuel is no ordenary race; they only come to the area once a year, they only run a thousand feet instead of a quarter mile, and reach speeds over three hundred MPH.

  4. I know I've said it before but I love visiting you blog! Keep up the great work!!

    Common Cents

  5. Steve, Thanks and I will look at your site.

    jimkabob, that is what you said this year (grin).