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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wondering about too much to do.

Dang, things just seem to keep piling up.  I got so very much to do I will have to live to 150 to get it all done if not longer.  See, the big problem is that I keep moving slower and the projects keep piling up.  Time sure flies by, I guess I wound my clock just a little too tight but not tight enough to stop it - -  yet.  I start one project and notice another that needs done first and then neither of them get done at all.  Now I know that none of my readers would ever let things happen like that, right?  Most of my projects get done just good enough to get by until I have time to put the finishing touches on them.  Yeah, that never happens, the finishing touch part.

One example is my office.  I have been wanting to take the old carpet out and replace it with those snap together simulated wood flooring pieces.  I have done that in most of the house and it looks real good and holds up well.  So, what is the trouble you ask?  To start with, I built a desk that two people could work at if needed.  It was an engineering marvel.  It worked great for me all these years of working on my own.  When I moved into the new house, I had to take it apart and re-assemble it in my new office.  This thing is 8 feet long and 6 feet wide at the widest part and has multiple levels.  It is made out of three quarter inch plywood, a pretty good grade with smooth surfaces.  I don’t know if you can even get that good of plywood any more.

This office of mine has become a storage place for all my stuff.  No logical order, just piled in here.  Dang, the more I talk about this project the more I think I will try to finish up some other easier project.  Like the hot water heater (that is not correct, why would any one want to heat hot water.  It is a water heater.)  I never put the screen guards around the bottom where the flame sucks air and I have never put a cover on the water heater compartment.  I am starting to hurt just thinking about all I have to do.  Not a good thing, this getting old.  Hey, that sounds like a good enough excuse to complain (and maybe not get it done).  What do you think?

Now just have yourself a great day and try to do what you want to do to day, you hear?  It is lotto day here, so I guess I may go buy the winning ticket and then pay someone to do my chores for me.  Sounds like a plan to me.  Guess I will hold off on the projects until I see if I win or not (grin).


  1. Do the important stuff first ,, BUY that Lotto Ticket! :-)

    And you said " things just seem to keep piling up" Hey!!
    You're a pilot. You Pile it here, pile it there....
    Welcome to the club

  2. Now the way I see it is, your "think'n" bout all them projects take president over the actual "do'n". That's the bad thing bout think'n, it takes too much of our time and the projects just sit there wait'n for the think'n to be done. But don't feel bad, even the old Billy Bob does that from time to time.
    I'll tell ya what works for me....a "to do list". Have ya ever thought bout a to do list while you're sit'n round think'n bout what ya need to do?

  3. I can "think" about something enough to just say,,later. Is it a "have to" case? A "must do"? If not, then why does it matter when? That office of yours, just get a few trash bags and start loading,,,

  4. Ben, I bought the lotto tickets and now I will check the news tonight to see my numbers come up. You know what they say about high hopes.

    BB, you are right about that but I don't hurt as bad after just thinking about it as I do after I really do the work.

    Trouble, you are right, but to redo the floor like I want, I will have to empty it out.

  5. Just maybe one of these day Dizzy our minds will get insynch with our bodys.I personally not sure I want that!

  6. Ted, some days my body is slower than my mind and other days it is the other way around.

  7. Take just one thing out of the office a day and do something permanent with it. Donate, trash, organize and store until the rennovation is done, whatever. There is a finite number of 'things' in that office. Even one at a time, actually making progress will result in getting it done.