Wondering about wild grapes

Friday, November 4, 2011

Wondering why I said I would.

Dang, now why did I tell that fellow that I would come down to Houston to his place of business and gather the information needed to do a design job for him. I don’t take on new customers and like I said before, I only want to keep my favorite ones and then only once in a while. Heck, I am supposed to be retired or, I guess, semi-retired. A fellow at my favorite customer’s place recommended me to this guy. So will do it just in case it would mean work for my favorite customer.

I have to keep this short since I need to get ready to head down to Houston. Hope it doesn’t take all day. I do not want to fight all the Friday evening traffic leaving Houston and since tomorrow is the first day of deer season, the traffic heading north out of Houston will be doubly bad.

Not looking forward to this day, but I want you all to have a good day, you hear?


  1. Good luck with the traffic, I feel for ya.

    When I was still working and doing computer support at people's places the hardest thing was telling them NO when they called. But with a simple straight forward explanation they usually agreed and understood.
    But on this one sounds like you have already agreed, so you stuck with it.
    NO is one of the hardest words to say isn't it?

  2. DD hate to tell ya, but today is the worst day for traffic, tomorrow all the hunters are sitting in their stands, at their leases.

  3. I learned to say NO when I raised three daughters. However, since you let the yes word slip out,you have to follow up. Hope it's not too onerous a job.

  4. Houston twice in two days, you are a glutton for punishment!
    Friday afternoon is bad enough without all the hunters on the road, too.

    Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny, TX

  5. Ben you are right, but I do need to do a few new jobs just to keep myself up to par with the work. If I leave it alone for too long I forget all the shortcuts, etc.

    Trouble, yep, I know but I got down and back with only a few minor back up delays.

    6bears, of course this is something I have never designed before, but that is what makes life interesting - new things.

    Penny, how about that, and before this it has been over a year since I was in Houston.