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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wondering why I feel like I’m in the dark.

The other day I talked a little about things that are really small. You know, when you start to think about it, size is only a relative thing. The particles I talked about are really, really small compared to the smallest things that I can see with unaided eyes. But my eyes are small compared to me and I am small compared to my house and my house is small compared to my property and my property is small compared to the county, etc., etc. You see where I am going with this. Even our great nation is small compared to the earth and the earth is small compared to the solar system, which is only a tiny speck in the universe. And who knows what is out there that makes the universe look small. Maybe some of those people I see in Wall*Mart, like that woman I saw who looked like she had a Volkswagen Beetle in each of the rear pockets of her jeans.

The only thing we can see in this world is matter and energy in certain parts of the electro-magnetic scale. So we look up at night with our telescopes and it looks like there is so very much stuff out there, and there is. But, there is a lot more unseen stuff out there, and I don’t mean stuff too far away to see. I mean dark matter and dark energy. Don’t believe me, OK, I will give you some numbers that scientists have come with. About 23 percent of the known universe is dark matter. You think that is a lot, well around 73 percent is dark energy! Wow, that only leaves 4 percent of the universe as actually real matter. Oops, maybe I shouldn’t have used the word “real” in regards to matter. I am not sure if matter is real and heck what does it matter if matter isn’t matter. . . dang I am getting dizzy now.

You all have a great weekend, because it matters to me.


  1. My mom has me going on a Holiday House tour around the county, a fund raiser. Basically she called and said "You don't spend time with me how about buying a ticket and spending the day with me." Making my mom happy is the only"matter" I'm worried about! ( keeps dark energy out) I do love science and am amazed at how everything works together on such a small and big scale.

    I should be in the April issue of Cloth Paper Scissors. I say should, because I have had a rather rocky time with them. I'm in, then out or moved to a different section. All you can do is keep plugging alone.

  2. I'm trying to figure out parallel universes!

  3. Shoot Gypsy, I'm just trying to figer out What drugs ole Dizzy is taking. Wonder if he needs to review his intake with his doctor? :-)

  4. I'm glad you do all this wondering,,,i would never know these things otherwise,,,lololol.

  5. Now if only 4 % of what we see is our known universe, maybe we are just like ghosts to the real universe?

    Do beings of the dark matter and dark energy part of the universe tell spooky tales of the visible world? :)

  6. Jill, yes you got to keep your Mom happy. BTW, not all the things work well together, like matter and anti-matter. Yes, there are such things. Hope all works out with the magazine.

    Gypsy, some believe there are lots of parallel universes. Some say that dark energy is just gravity from another close universe. You know, we are so insignificant here on our little speck in our universe, why should we care? But I do. . .

    Ben, maybe I need to start taking some thing for my dizzy wonderings???

    Trouble, I am sure you could live without knowing any of this, but it is really interesting, now isn’t it?

    Sixbears, I think you have a valid point there. The dark people trying to figure out what is in the light. Or since there is anti-matter, maybe those people are anti-people. (does that mean they are anti-social?)

  7. VW Bug in each hind pocket.!!

    Now that were funny !

  8. Spud, glad you commented on that. I was beginning to think no one apprectiated my sense of humor.

  9. ihopes70, thanks and stop by anytime, the latch handle will be out.