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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Wandering around a bit, chores, work, etc.

Today is dog grooming day and two of our three Shih Tzu dogs are a real mess. The two females have a thick undercoat and with that and the fact that they like to play and tussle together, their coat ends up matted and in knots. The groomer had to shave the oldest one a couple of times but so far, the youngest has never been shaved. I do not know how he does it; I could never get those knots and tangles out. He sure does work miracles!! After we drop the three dogs off we will head off to Conroe to get supplies. We have run out of a lot of “necessities”. It should not be a too exciting day, unless the predicted cold front that is to pass through here late today kicks off some storms. We sure do need the water.

Then tomorrow, it will be back to Houston to go over the project I am working on. I need to update my customer, get the information I need to complete the design, and make sure that what I am designing is exactly what he wants. I also want to give him some other design options. A second trip to Houston would be beneficial to my customer, to me, and to the project. Since this new customer is located on the north side of Houston, it only takes me an hour or so to get there. Not that bad, and if the traffic is moving at posted speeds, I should be able to get there in less than an hour.

OK, you all have a good day now, you hear?


  1. Have fun. Stay out of trouble. Don't let the client talk you into too much extra work. Semi-retired, remember?

  2. DO NOT forget to take your store list with you. You know how you are!! :-)
    This time at the Houston job site, get that camera make and model so's we can look it up please.

  3. 6bears, I will try not to take too much more work home, for sure. I always try to have fun.

    Ben, Yep, I need a list. BTW, a lot of this stuff is priority information. The unit I am using as an example now holds radar on its telescoping tower.