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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Just Wandering Around This Morning

I can’t seem to get awake and am wandering around aimlessly. Didn’t have one of my better nights. I was really tired last night and decided to hit the sack early. So went to bed a little before 23:00 last night thinking I would get rested up so I get a chunk of work done today, since I will be out most of tomorrow. Just got to sleep and my youngest dog started carrying on like crazy barking her head off. Dang, I tried everything to shut her up short of choking her (grin). I wasn’t too concerned about intruders, because the other two dogs were just fine. Then I heard it, wait, what was that? A buzz??? Oh, there must be a fly or bug or something trapped behind the blinds. So, I get up and check all the windows and, you guessed it, I couldn’t find anything. Of course what ever it was fell silent.

I finally got back to sleep and then that dang dog started it all over again. This time it was after midnight and I did give some thought to choking her (grin). I just couldn’t get her to shut up. Let me tell you, my blood pressure was probably up so high that it would have been off the scale. I got up and just sat on the side of the bed. I couldn’t hear anything. Just as I was about to give up and try to go back to sleep, I heard it a coming. Sounded like a dive bomber and it hit me in the middle of my bare back. That slowed it up enough that when it passed me I was able to swat it out of the air with my open hand. When it hit the floor I beat it so hard, that big black beetle ended up as thin as paper. Wonder how a big beetle got in my house? By now it was 01:00 or after and I figured I could finally get some sleep. Boy was I wrong. About 03:00 or so I woke with the calf muscle in my right leg in severe pain. Seemed it was contracted so tight it had my foot pointing up toward my knee. It hurt real bad and I couldn’t relax it, so had to rub it until I could get it relaxed enough to get my foot pointing in the right direction. You know, that leg is still sore this morning. What the heck caused that? OK, go ahead and tell me “old age” did it – yeah, I dare you, go ahead and tell me that. Go ahead and make my day, you can’t make it any worse. Of course my dear old Dad always told me that “nothing is so bad that it can’t get worse”.

Now I am really tired and with a sore leg. Got to get my mind working so I can get some of this work done. Maybe a quick walk through the flea market will fix me up, what you think? You all have a good day now, you hear?


  1. Nothing like a bad night to ruin the next day.

  2. About the muscle pain, I don't think it's related to old age, I had those when I worked as a logger back East in sub zero temperature, I believe it is related to cold. Still get them at times but took steps to keep feet warm, wear socks to bed and have a mattress warmer to help.
    I was in my 30's back East.

  3. I hate it when a bug or something conspires to ruin my sleep!

    There are mornings that I wake up and the bed looks like I fought a battle with something!

    Wonder why just the one dog was raising cain?

  4. My dad use to say to me "things could be worse" and sure enough they usually got worse.

  5. Leg cramps = potassium shortage? Jump up and stand on it, quickest way to make it go away. Hate nites like that. I always think red wasps when i hear something buzzing around, lol. Nap will help, then take something tonite, like i took an aleve 2 nites ago, and it helped.

  6. See what happens when ya laugh bout old Billy Bob get'n leg cramps. It's called karma Dizzy.

    Boy howdy, know what ya mean bout them bug critters fly'n round at night. One them critters land on me and I comes alive...right out a deep sleep. Throw'n stuff, say'n all kind of words.....I skeered of bugs.

  7. Sixbears, you are so right and it seems like I have been having more than I used to.

    Anon, thanks for not blaming it on old age. My wife says my magnesium levels may be low, so I just took a magnesium pill after lunch.

    Hermit, since I use oxygen at night for sleep apnea, if I toss around too much I get tangled up. I wondered, too, but she is the one that is most sensitive to sounds and too stubborn to leave it be.

    Oldfool, isn’t it amazing how smart our fathers were. My boys probably thought I was stupid.

    Trouble, I will have to look through my vitamins to see if I have any potassium. You are probably right on it being low. No nap for me, still working on that "rush" job.

    Now Billy Bob, I never laughed at your leg cramps, I just laugh at your sense of humor.

  8. If you don't have any potassium pills, just eat a banana.

  9. Probably is your potassium if you take blood pressure med and a banana is good for that. Sometimes night time can be very long that's for sure.

  10. Anon, I had been eating a lot of bananas but didn't get any the last time we got groceries. I got some dried ones I will get out. Thanks.

    Ain't, I do take a small dosage BP med. The info that comes with it says not to take potassium supplaments.

  11. When I used to get leg cramps my doctor told me to take calcium with D, and some magnesium, now I take it regularly and don't get leg cramps any more.
    But I make sure to eat at least one banana a day, too.
    Happy Tails, and Trails, Penny