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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I’m Back. . .

First of all I would like to thank you for all the kind comments on yesterday’s blog, and now for the report.  I figured you would like to see a picture of me that my wife took after I got home yesterday after I had some cancer removed from beside my nose.  Now you can believe that story or that my wife got mad and punched me while we were having dinner and forgot to take the fork out of her hand before doing so.  Which ever story you like the best.
It seemed that everyone in the waiting room was my age or older. The doctor told me that this skin cancer, basal cell carcinoma, is almost always caused by excess exposure to the sun. He said it is from past exposures years ago, so listen all you young people out there, do not go out and bake in the sun just to get a great tan, and don’t use tanning beds.

I went to MOH Surgery center and if you ever have to get skin cancer removed, I highly recommend such a place. They only out minimal amount and then, since they have an on site lap, they can test the last tissue removed and if they still find some cancer cells, they take a little bit more, etc., etc. That way, the least amount of damage is done and you don’t have to wait a week for lab results to know if you have to go back and get more done. Google MOH Surgery and you will see what I am talking about. I go back in a week to get the stitches out. OK, got to go take my anti-biotic which must be taken with food.

You all have a good day now, you hear?


  1. Glad it went so well. Welcome to the club, although not a club I wished to join. :-(

    I'm sure you would have rather had stitches from the wife taking a fork to you though. :-)

    The regular check ups are required of course.

    Glad to have you back.

  2. That must have been a big one if it needed stitches. Mine was done with some kind of ray gun and left a hole about half the size of a dime.
    It will give your nose character I was told as if an old man need more character in his nose.
    I have lived outdoors in the sunshine most of my life and I wouldn't have it any other way carcinoma or not.

  3. Glad all went OK - at least your sense of humour wasn't removed with the basal cell :)

    Seriously, glad you're OK

  4. Now you don't expect us to believe the story that your wife punched you -shoot you maybe, but not punch.

    Glad the surgery went well. Good advice on where to get that work done.

  5. I'm glad that all went well, buddy! Have to admit the bandage makes you look a little mysterious!

    At least they didn't have to shave off any of the beard!

    Welcome back, my friend!

  6. Ben, yes, check ups are important. One should get checked once a year, give or take a few months.

    Oldfool, my regular dermatologist did that but couldn’t bet it all and since it was where my nose attaches to my face, he wanted me to go to a MOH surgeon. I asked him to do a nose reduction procedure but he wouldn’t. Guess I have enough character; at least it is big enough.

    Dani, if I loose my sense of humor, bury me. I love a sense of humor but of course, sometimes mine gets me in trouble.

    Sixbears, Yes, I was impressed with the MOH practice. I was told to expect a lot more, since I spent a lot of time in the sun during my lifetime.

  7. Great to hear all's good. My Dad had to go to Houston way back in the 50s to get some skin cancer removed, from his neck. He worked on the railroad, was in the sun all the time. But back then, that's where you had to go.

  8. Hermit, no they didn’t shave any off but the nurse was complaining that tape will not stick to hair. Dang, I have had some bad experiences with tape sticking to hair. I guess she could have stapled it (grin).

  9. Trouble, you know, both my granfathers worked on the railroad, and an uncle and a cousin. I worked for 17 years at Pullman-Standard, a rail car manufacturer. BTW, I only had to go down to The Woodlands.

  10. Glad you're ok. Glad you still have a nose...

  11. TFT, Yep, but it is still too big, right?

  12. Well,,,they can take more off any time,,just say the word. bet they'd enjoy it,,,hahahahaha

  13. Trouble, yep, it just takes a few dollars more, right?