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Friday, November 25, 2011

Wondering if I got the whole nine yards? (Hope Not)

I have heard the expression “the whole nine yards” all my life and not until last night did I know how it got started. As I have told you before I watch a lot of shows on RFDTV and one of my favorites is “Larry’s Country Diner”. There are many reasons why I like it, but the main reason is the cameras are always rolling. They don’t care if someone goofs up or gets the words wrong. All the bloopers are left in. It is combination of a little of everything including a guest, usually from the classic country era but some new ones also. They give facts, they start every show with a bible verse, they pick out a year from the past and give some facts about it, show some pictures from that year, and tell what country song was popular. They also have a lot of comedy and everyone, even the audience gets in on the comic remarks. And then there is Nadine. I can’t explain Nadine, you got to experience her. Here is a couple of links to Nadine:



Sorry about getting carried away, I will get back on the subject, “the whole nine yards”. Back in WW2 the belts of 50 caliber ammunition that the fighter planes used were exactly 27 feet long. So, if a pilot used up a whole belt of ammunition on a target, it was said that he gave them the whole nine yards. Well, you can believe that or not. I think that could very well be true. Were any of your fathers WW2 fighter pilots or ground crew? If so, did any mention that phrase? Even if it isn’t true, I liked the explanation.

Being that this is Black Friday, I may not venture too far from the house, but you all do what you want and have a great day now, you hear?


  1. LOT of different theories of where that phrase came from.The one I like is when a Catholic Priest advanced far enough in the Church he got a new Robe. Made from the full blot of cloth, or The Whole Nine Yards!

    I do know that it's older than WWII..

  2. Correction,, blot should be bolt of course. :-)

  3. How was the salad?,,Make ur day? We had a fantastic gettogether. Still have a plate of leftovers for later.
    Thot about taking my new glasses back today, but that sure got canned, when i remembered what day it was. My paper was so full of ads yesterday, was double the size of a Sunday one. Like you, not going around any stores! lololol

  4. Dad gum it Dizzy, your post sent me off to Google again this morn'n. Spend almost a whole freak'n hour try'n to find evidence of where this phrase come from. There ain't none until it was first used in the early 60's. It's usage before that time has never been recorded other than...."I was told", "I heard"....hearsays.

  5. I see what ya mean Dizzy bout not being able to explain Nadine. Talk about the whole nine yards...
    Belatedly, hope you and your wife had a nice Thanksgiving!

  6. For what's it's worth, I heard the same story from a vet friend of mine.

  7. Nadine?,,,nadine,,,hmmmm,,,i KNOW that was a goood song,,somewhere in the past....lololol

  8. Ben, I looked at a site and it said that it first appeared in print in the 1960’s. I am, therefore, not sure if what I heard is true. Made sense to me, but don’t know.

    Salad was great and we had no leftovers. Today was a good day to stay home.

    BB, yea I found that, too. Even if the one I posted is wrong, I still like it. (grin)

    Nadine is a trip all by her self. My wife and I get a big kick out of her. We had a quiet Thanksgiving and I actually worked some. Hope you and your partner had a good one.

    Sixbears, glad to hear that, maybe my post is correct after all. Thanks.

    Trouble, the Nadine I am talking about is not a song, but a comic church lady.