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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and my blog may have a problem.

First, let me wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving and take time to give thanks for all your blessing. Today, don’t think of any of your problems, just your blessings, and I bet they would outnumber your problems anyway. We have nothing special planned for today. I will probably just work some.

I have been told by a couple people that they have problems with my blog. They said that when they are reading it, they can not pan down the page smoothly. They say it jumps way down in quick jerks and it is hard for them to read more than what shows up first. I brought my blog up by just going to it by way of its address, not going through my blogger dashboard, and I have no trouble with it. I do not experience any jerkiness when I pan down. It works smooth on my computer. So what is the trouble?

Please tell me, do any of you have this trouble? Do any of you know how to fix the problem? Why is it not a problem on my computer? I sure hope you all have some answers for me. If my blog is a problem to read, maybe I should stop posting until I find out what is going on. Fist thing is to find out how many of you are having a problem with my blog.

Thank you for your help, and have a great Thanksgiving day, you hear?


  1. I'm looking at it with Google Chromium and I just checked it out with Firefox. No problems using either. I would suspect Internet Explorer is being used by those with problems.
    I did this while listening to my favorite Thanksgiving music. "Alice's Restaurant".

  2. I am viewing it via Google Chrome with no problem.

    Happy Thanksgiving

  3. Absolutely NO issues loading your witty comments here using Mozilla Firefox . I suspect the person(s) complaining are using some off the wall internet browser. Rest easy and DO NOT change anything on your end to try and appease one person.
    If it works.. Don't fix it!! :-)

  4. Well shoot Dizzy, I have that same problem on some of the blogs. Jumps all over the place. But it ain't a problem of some "off the wall" browser. I'm using Firefox, so I rekon since it jump around, it would be considered by "some" as a off the wall browser....Sheesh.
    Any thing running in the background can and will cause a computer to slow down. Cookies will do the same thing. It's not your blog....it's their computer.....such as mine what has had headaches for ages.
    Happy Thanksgiv'n to ya.

  5. I"M not having a problem!,,they can always use the scroll bar on the right, DD.
    Don't u dare quit posting,,u hear?,,,lolol I had a problem way back, posting to it, but it was mine, not urs. Even now, don't know how i fixed it. hahaha
    Yall have a great day!

  6. I never have a problem with it, buddy!

    I think it's certainly not your blog, but something else entirely!

    I would just let everything alone, if I were you!

  7. Thanks every one. I will pass the inforamtion along, it may help the ones who are having some trouble. Maybe it is because I jiggle the keyboard too much while I type. I have it balanced on my knee and sometimes it falls off.

  8. It is sometimes a problem that occurs DD but not with your blog in particular... it's happened to me on many occasions so all I do is switch off and restart and the problem's fixed...

  9. There is a setting on every computer, I can not remember right now where it is, but it gives the option to scroll one, two or three lines at a time when you click the mouse wheel. Hopefully one of the "crappy blogger is causing the problem" experts out there may be able to remember where this option is.

  10. TFT, Just when I think I have everything figured out, something knocks the wind out of my sails. When things happen on occasion but not all the time, that blows my mind.

    Anon, that makes sense. I will have to look for that setting and let them know. Thank you.