Wondering about wild grapes

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Wondering if I can get back into work

Yep, I went and picked up some work to do yesterday. For a Friday and the day before the deer season opens, I only got bogged down in a few minor back-ups coming home. I got down to the new customer’s site a little after 10:00 and arrived back home just a little after 17:00. If I had been just a little later coming home, it would have taken twice as long. Now, I am going to have to get busy. This fellow is in a hurry and very anxious to get some of these units built. It will probably take me a couple of weeks to get this first part done and then he seems to want a few smaller projects designed. It is always fun to do new things; much better than the same old things over and over.

I will have to tell you about a camera he told me about and showed me the pictures and video that it takes. Maybe in the next blog, I want to get started on the job now before we leave for the flea market.

You all have a great weekend now, you hear?


  1. Glad you got back home safe and sound.

    Now I gotta know about that camera he showed you..
    Spill it all!!!

  2. I will on tomorrow's blog. Glad you reminded me. You would have to see the pictures to believe it.

  3. You really remind me of a friend of mine, goes by the name of Chuck Broadhurst. He would be bout the age you are and lived out Texas way a few years back. He's still doing consultant work and design. Dude gotta be pushing 80 real hard. Still active in my archery club even at that age.
    Goes to show that staying busy is good for ones health.

  4. Spud, sorry I am so late in responding to your comment. When I get a project, I work on it most of my awake hours and seem to even work on it in my sleep. Sitting at a computer of hours at a time is not too healthy. Try to walk a mile or more each day.

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