Wondering about wild grapes

Monday, November 28, 2011

Wondering about a wild flower and swamp update

I walked around the place and found an unusual small blue fuzzy flower.  I thought that it was pretty and thought maybe you would like to see it, too.

I also checked the status of the swamp since we had a couple of rains this month.  As you can see, there is just enough water in the two deepest places to just cover where the huge drought cracks were located:

We saw Conroe Penny set up at the flea market. Hope she survived the cold and the wind and sold a bunch of stuff. I took a picture of her, but I will send it to her and she can post it if she wants to.

It is down right cold here this morning. It is now at 30 degrees on the nose. First freezing weather this season, and the last for awhile or until the next arctic front comes through. Up north in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area, there is nothing between the North Pole and there except a few strands of barbed wire. I know, because I used to live up north of Ft. Worth.

You all have a great day now, you hear?


  1. Yep, Dizzy. I think someone forgot to close the gate on the gate on that barbed wire fence :-)

    That plant almost looks like wild strawberries or something along that line.

  2. It was 40 degrees here in northern NH this morning. The rain is destroying the last of that 12 inches of snow we got. Supposed to get into the upper 50s here today. The lake has no ice cover, while in years past at this time, ice fishermen would be standing on it.

    Your ponds are going to need a lot more rain to fill up, but it's a start.

  3. GREAT pics!! thx. So glad to see even that little bit of water in there.

  4. Ben, it even came down through the piney woods and got me!

    Sixbears, it has been an unusual year. We may have to get used to the unusual. Yes, it is going to take a whole lot of rain to fill my swamp/pond. I used to be able to look out over 5 or 6 acres of unobstructed water, but that has been awhile, can’t remember when. . .

    Trouble, yes I am glad, too. It has been a long time dry as a bone.

  5. wet and balmy here in PA. First day of deer hunting 60 degrees. People racing to deer processing plants!

  6. Jill, it is warmer there than down here in the south. I always processed my own deer. I liked to do it my way.