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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Wondering about music?

I read Billy Bob’s blog and he was talking about music. I believe most all of us love music and it is part of our lives. Music is the universal language even if you can’t understand the words. We are all different in what we like the best and what we can’t stand. What is your favorite kind of music? Which kinds do you dislike?

I guess I can’t ask that question if I don’t give you my answer. I suppose on the top of my list would be bluegrass gospel music and at the bottom either punk rock or rap or that new stuff that seems to be a combination of those two. I guess I am just too old for that stuff. Let me see if I can make up a short list of my favorite music in descending order, with my most favorite on top.

Bluegrass Gospel
Classic Country
1950’s Popular
And everything in between the 50’s sound and the stuff I don’t like too well like Jazz, Rap, hard rock, etc.

I prefere to play and or sing gospel or clasic country or folk music.  As much as I love bluegrass, my style of finger picking the guitar doesn't fit in too well, although I pick along with the TV bluegrass shows.

You all have a great weekend now you hear and listen to the music you like.


  1. I grew up on country & The Grand ole Opry of course but along about mid '60s Rock and Roll took over.
    My car radio and stereo here is set to an oldies R&R station.

    I just don't get the Rap/Gangster stuff these days. And country I gave up on when they started to sounding like Rockers.

  2. I grew up on 70s Rock & Roll. As I got older, I developed a taste for Jazz and Blues. Had to live through some hard times to really appreciate the Blues.

    My wife likes Country and Christmas music and I don't care for either, so I've had to learn some tolerance.

    As a kid I worked a place called Santa's Village where they played Christmas music all day. I got my lifetime allotment of Christmas music that summer.

  3. Boy, that's a tough one!

    I guess my favorite music is older rock and roll, followed closely by classical!

    Working in retail most of my adult life where Christmas music was played daily starting at Halloween ruined me for Christmas music!

    I like music of all kinds, but NOT rap. In fact, that stuff doesn't qualify as music to me!

  4. Fav of course, is ol R&R, 70s, 80s style,,and can't say i dislike any music. There's even some country i like. 7 Spanish Angels is one of my all time favs.,,by Willie and Ray. Love a lot of Hank Jr. Then there's a lot of rap i like too.,,,heavy metal, Cajun, Zydeco, blues, lots i like in those catagories. But to listen all day or nite, has to be R&R.

  5. I love bluegrass, but listen to many kinds of music. I never did care much for rock and roll, and absolutely detested the Beatles although I love Dire Straits and Grateful Dead. But bluegrass rules. I've recently discovered African music from Senegal. Absolutely fascinating and you can tell where Latin music and rhythms come from.

  6. Tis a certain sign of aging when the music of young folks sounds like pure noise.

    I can't possibly be old, so therefore Rap must indeed be noise...