Wondering about wild grapes

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Wondering about the shape of trees.

Yeah, I know different species of trees have their own typical shapes, but what I am talking about is the ones that are atypical or different in one way or another. Life shapes people and it also shapes trees. The history of a person’s life or the life of a tree is a huge factor in the present shape and health of that person or tree. I think you know what I am talking about when it comes to people, right? I am not going into that subject in today’s blog, but maybe save it for another day on down the road. Today, I want to wonder about the shape of trees.

Here is a picture that shows a deformed tree on my property just on the other side of the gate on the part of my driveway that goes down to my son’s house.
Did you notice that all the limbs are on one side and that it curves over to the right?  We can use our imagination and come up with all kinds of stories about how it got its shape, but will probably never know for sure.  Actually, I think that it is picturesque and gives the place some character.  I took this next picture on a foggy morning last January.
You may think that these trees are more typical, but did you notice that the only straight tree was the one in the very center.  So, who is to say what is typical.  Look at these trees in a picture I took last March when there was still water in my swamp:
All these trees seem straight but they are not crowded. The shape today tells the history of the tree. Did the tree receive damage from wind, hail, or lightning? Did the tree have sufficient room to grow and expand? Was there interference from animals, birds, insects, disease, or man? Did it get enough nutrients and water and sunny days? There is a lot of things that could shape a tree, especially if the pressure or lack there of was when it was just a young sapling. Didn’t the harsh things in your young life help shape you along with the good and loving care? All living things are a product of the history of their past and the desires for their future. We are not much different than a tree, except maybe a little more mobile. Not so sure if we are smarter (grin).

You all have a good day, one that shapes your face into a smile. . . you hear?


  1. I woould think the wind did more than anything to shape trees. But,,lol, some of the oaks,,who knows?

  2. Guess Trees grow the way they do for survival maybe? I have an oak tree out near the barn in the open. Right next to it was a big ole throrn tree. When I took the thorn tree out , it opened up that side of the oak. Now that side is "almost" filled out like the other side is.Sure looks better. Just guessing it didn't get as much sun on that one side and stunted it's growth? I ain't no arboriculturist just my guessing.

  3. This could become a very deep subject, and it reminds me of how every single thing that ever happened in my life has "shaped" me into who I am now.

  4. Trouble, a lot of things shape the trees, wind is one of those.

    Ben, Yep they have to have light and room to grow. You did that oak a favor.

    Gypsy, it is amazing what all made us what we are today. I wonder what I will be when I grow up (grin)?